Find a specialist consultant

Are you applying for a planning permit, a septic permit, a building permit, or considering subdivision? You will probably need specialised professional help. Council can't do this for you, but we can offer some consultants to start with.

Disclaimer: All consultants listed are independent and Council is not liable for any information they provide to applicants.

Professional Planning Consultants

Can help you:

  • Prepare and lodge a planning permit application.
  • Provide advice and recommendations on town planning.
  • Prepare and lodge a submission or objection to an application.
  • Represent you in appealing a planning permit decision at VCAT.

We cannot provide a list of planning consultants, so try talking to friends or family. Otherwise look in the Yellow Pages under Town Planners or Urban Planners. The Planning Institute of Australia has a directory of some planners available here. 

Building Surveyors

Can help you :

  • Get a building permit. Private building surveyors issue Building Permit , not Council.
  • Provide advice on construction standards and requirements.

We cannot provide a list of surveyors, so try talking to friends or family, or your builder may have a preferred surveyor. Otherwise look in the Yellow Pages under Building Surveyors.

Geotechnical Engineers

Can help you:

  • Prepare a Land Capability Assessment (LCA) for a planning permit application if you are in an Environmental Significance Overlay Schedule 1 or most Rural Conservation Zones or for a septic installation/alteration permit application.
  • Prepare soil classifications and other technical studies of the land.
  • Provide advice about septic system siting and constraints.

Search for a geotechnical consultant(DOCX, 35KB)

Bushfire Management Assessors

Can help you:

  • Prepare reports for a planning permit application if you are in a Bushfire Management Overlay (bushfire hazard site/landscape assessment and bushfire management statement) commonly known collectively as a bushfire management plan (BMP).
  • Provide advice on siting, development, and construction requirements to achieve bushfire safety.

Search for a bushfire consultant(DOC, 54KB)

Licensed Surveyors

Can help you:

  • Re-establishment survey to determine correct boundaries where there is uncertainty.
  • Prepare new plans of subdivision including changes to easements, envelopes, or restrictions.
  • Help you prepare and submit subdivision applications (Planning and Certification stages).

Search for a licensed surveyor(DOCX, 33KB)