Legal point of discharge

Information on what a legal point of discharge is and how do you obtain permission to connect to the stormwater drain.


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What is a Legal Point of Discharge?

The Legal Point of discharge is the point specified by Council to which stormwater from a property must be discharged. In urban areas, this would be to Council's stormwater drain or to the kerb and channel. In rural areas it is generally the table drain on an adjacent road, but may include discharge to a dam, natural water course or on-site dispersal.

What is Drainage Information?

Drainage Information refers to stormwater drain features such as:

- size

- depths

- offsets relevant to the area nominated in the application form, provided this data is available.

Do I need a Legal Point of Discharge permit?

The permit is a requirement of any structure which has a stormwater system and requires a building permit. As stipulated in the Building Regulations (2018), reg.133 (2).

What does the permit provide?

Depending on which boxes are ticked on the application form, you will be sent:

- the location of the Legal Point of Discharge

- information on the Council drain (if applicable)

- a Standard Drawing of the pipe connection required

- a letter detailing additional conditions.

Who is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the stormwater pipe from the house to the Council drain?

The property owner is responsible for all stormwater drainage within their property and the section of stormwater drain from the property to the Council drain, as shown on the image.

How long will it take for the permit to be processed?

Applicants should allow for up to 10 working days. Please ensure the information provided on the application form is clear. Incomplete information may extend the time required to process the permit.

Will this permit tell me where my existing drainage is discharging to?

No. While we have information of where stormwater should discharge to. We do not receive information about where the properties stormwater is connected to. A plumber would likely be a better option.

How do I apply?

To submit an application for a Legal Point of Discharge:

- Complete the above form

- Send it to

- Or hand it into reception at one of our offices.

Payments can be made at any of Council’s offices in person by cash or credit card. Alternatively, money orders and cheques are also acceptable.

For more information relating to this permit or procedures, please contact Council’s Assets Department on (03) 5366 7100.