Rate payment options and channels

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Are you experiencing financial hardship and need help with paying your rates? 

We can help! Protecting our community remains our top priority and we will continue to support you during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can apply for a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment arrangement to help spread the payment of your rates. 

If you currently have an arrangement with us but need to make changes, you can apply for a new payment arrangement.

Complete the COVID-19 payment arrangement application.


Financial hardship

Under the provisions of Council’s Property Rate Debt Management Policy, we have provisions for ratepayers experiencing medium to long term financial difficulties. Ratepayers finding it hard to pay their rates have the option of applying to Council for special consideration. This means they could have a portion of their rates deferred, make special payment arrangements or have interest charges waived.

A person making an application for financial hardship may only do so for rates applicable to that person’s sole or principal place of residence.

The Policy intent is to help ratepayers pay their rates without significantly impacting their day-to-day quality of life.

Download our Financial Hardship Application Form 

Read the COVID-19 property rate management policy


General Information about Payment of Rates

Payment via full payment method

Ratepayers electing to pay their rates in full must ensure the whole amount displayed on their rates notice is paid by 15 February of the year the rates notice is issued.

Part payments can be made on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis between September and February, but all balances must be paid by the legislated due date. You can find out more information about regular payments by contacting us.

Penalties for late payments will apply. Please refer to the Penalties for Late Payment section below.


Payment via legislated installment method

To be eligible for the installment option, the full amount appearing in the first installment area of your notice must be paid by the end of September in the year the notice is issued.

Failure to meet this requirement will result in the assumption of your property as a full payment account. This means all rates and charges must be paid in full by the date in February shown on your notice. Payment in full by this date will avoid incurring penalty interest and / or debt collection costs.

If you do pay your first installment in full by the end of September, reminder notices for the remaining three installments will be issued to you at least 14 days prior to the due dates.

Penalties for late payments will apply. Please refer to the Penalties for Late Payment section below.


Payment via alternative installment method (10): DIRECT DEBIT ONLY

To be eligible for the alternative installment option, please complete the direct debit request document and submit it to Council.

Rate payments will then be deducted from your nominated bank account on the 15th of each month (or next business day), from September to June.

If you choose the alternative installment option, you will not receive reminder notices.

Penalties for dishonoured payments may apply if payment is not made within 7 days (see the section below).


Penalties for late payment

Penalty interest will be incurred on any accounts not paid in accordance with the legislated rate payment due dates. Interest will accrue at 10% per annum.

If an installment or lump sum payment is not paid by the legislated payment date, it will incur interest. The interest is calculated on and from the date on which each installment was due.

A ratepayer with an outstanding balance after the legislated payment dates may be referred to Council’s Debt Collection Agency if they do not enter into a suitable payment arrangement with Council. All costs of which may be charged back to the total debt levied on the property rate account.


Special payment arrangement

Council is aware that some people may find it difficult to pay their rates and can offer special payment arrangements under our Property Rate Debt Management Policy

The arrangement would entail regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments at a value that can be managed within each ratepayer's financial capability. Ratepayers should contact Council’s Revenue Services Team as soon as possible to discuss alternative payments.

Special payment arrangements can be maintained through any of our payment channels.


Payment channel options

Australia Post Billpay

Payment can be made over the counter at any Australia Post Office outlet. Call 13 18 16 or log on to the Post Billpay website.

Billpay code and biller reference numbers can be obtained from your annual rate notice or by contacting Council’s Revenue Services Team.

Pay Online at Australia Post Billpay



By calling your participating bank, credit union, or building society, payment of your annual rates and charges can be made directly from your cheque, savings, or credit card account.

Biller code and biller reference numbers can be obtained from your annual rate notice or by contacting Council’s Revenue Services Team.

You can also pay debtor tax invoices or statements as a BPAY bill if you have internet banking set up. Payments can be made directly from your savings, cheque, or credit card account.



Detach the bottom section of your notice and mail it with your cheque to:

Moorabool Shire Council, PO Box 18, Ballan, Victoria, 3342

Cheques should be made payable to “Moorabool Shire Council” and marked “Not Negotiable”.

The top portion of your notice should be retained for your records as a receipt will not be issued unless requested.



Present your notice intact at a Customer Service Office located at:

  • 15 Stead Street, Ballan
  • 215 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh
  • 182 Halletts Way, Darley

EFTPOS facilities are available and all major credit cards are accepted.


Direct debit

Complete a Direct Debit Request form, nominate a suitable account with your bank, credit union or building society and have your rates and charges automatically deducted.  Please check with your financial institution to confirm whether your account is suitable.

You can terminate a direct debit authority at any time by advising Council in writing not less than 7 days before the next scheduled debit drawing.

Download a Direct Debit Request.docx.


For further information, please contact us.

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