Food registration fees and renewals

If you need to update your business or contact details please contact us to speak with a member of the Public Health team.

Food premises fees Fee 
Class 1 or 2 premises (eg. aged care, restaurant, cafe)  $761.00 
Class 2 community group  $262.00   
Class 2 temporary or mobile premises  $761.00 

Class 3 premise (eg. milk bar, general store) 


Class 3A premise (eg. home business making chutneys, or accommodation business preparing, cooking, and immediately serving to guests)

Class 3 community group 


Class 3 temporary or mobile premises  $535.00 
Bed and breakfasts  $177.00 
Single event for temporary or mobile (commercial premises) $99.00 per event 
Community group with less than 13 temporary or mobile events No charge
For each additional food handling area in the premises 50% of registration fee
Extra mobile food vehicle class 2 (per vehicle) $381.00
Extra mobile food vehicle class 3 (per vehicle) $229.00
Establishment fee (commercial business) $262.00
Establishment fee (home business) $131.00
Additional inspections $229.00

Late payment fee (if not received by 1 Feb 2025)

50% of registration fee
Sample request Cost of sample + 20%