Food registration fees and renewals

Fees vary depending on your classification. Read about new food business fees and registration renewals.

Fees: new business and registration renewals

Registration renewals

If you need to update your business or contact details, please contact Council.

For updating your details during the renewal period, please use this form.(DOCX, 295KB)

New food business registration fees

Food premises fees Fee 
 Class 1 or 2 premises (eg. aged care, restaurant, cafe)   $696.00 
 Class 2 community group   $239.00   
 Class 2 temporary or mobile premises  $696.00 

 Class 3 premise (eg. milk bar, general store) 

 Class 3 community group 


Class 3 temporary or mobile premises   $489.00 
Bed and breakfasts   $161.00 
 Single event for temporary or mobile (commercial premises) $90.00 per event 
 Community group with less than 13 temporary or mobile events  No charge
 For each additional food handling area in the premises  50% of registration fee
 Extra mobile food vehicle class 2 (per vehicle)  $212.00
 Extra mobile food vehicle class 3 (per vehicle) $209.00
Establishment fee (commercial business) $239.00
Establishment fee (home business) $119.00
 Additional inspections $209.00

Late payment fee (if not received by 1 Feb 2022)

50% of registration fee
 Sample request  Cost of sample + 20%