Completed strategic planning projects

Council has successfully completed strategic planning projects that benefit the growing community. See information on the projects below.

Bacchus Marsh Housing Strategy

Council has prepared a housing strategy called Housing Bacchus Marsh to 2041. It addresses how to manage growth pressures and preserve neighbourhood character. 

Key reasons for this strategic direction:

  • Regional service centre role 
  • Accessibility to Melbourne, Geelong, and Ballarat 
  • Well-established town centre 
  • Availability of greenfield and infill development opportunities 

Ballan Strategic Directions

 Ballan Strategic Directions provides clear strategic direction for the future of Ballan and was a base for the Amendment C88. 

View the respective documents: 

Gordon Structure Plan

Gordon Structure Plan guides and manages the future development of the township and its surrounds. It addresses land use, zoning, urban design, visual amenity, facilities, and infrastructure. 

Moorabool Industrial Areas Strategy

The Strategy sets out the direction for industrial land use. Population growth means careful planning to ensure the local economy provides opportunities for an expanding workforce. 

Moorabool Parking Strategy

Council commenced a study in 2019 to determine car parking requirements in Bacchus Marsh and Ballan.  

The study investigated the current provision by surveying on-street, off-street, and ad-hoc parking. Shopper surveys and parking occupancy surveys in Bacchus Marsh and Ballan were undertaken in December 2019. Consultation on recommendations from the draft study were undertaken in April and May 2021. The second stage of the study forecast future car parking demand and provided recommendations on parking management strategies.  

The key recommendations of the study have been incorporated into the Moorabool Parking Strategy. This sets out the principles that will assist Council to respond to the growing and changing needs of the Moorabool community, including how Council considers development, urban design and parking management.  

A new Parking Policy and Management Policy sets out how Council will apply many of these principles in assessing residential and commercial developments and permit applications, managing on-street parking and undertaking other activities which may have an impact on parking supply or usage.  

The Strategy and Policy can be viewed at: 

Small Towns and Settlements Strategy

The Small Towns and Settlements Strategy (STS) provides the future vision on the management of our small towns and settlements. 

Download sections of the Small Towns and Settlements Strategy: 

Urban Growth Framework

We prepared the Bacchus Marsh UGF with the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA). It was adopted by Council on 19 September 2018. 

What is the Urban Growth Framework? 

  • Strategic document that guides the growth of Bacchus Marsh to 2041 and beyond 
  • Defines the settlement boundary 
  • Nominates new growth precincts: Merrimu, Parwan Station, Parwan Employment, and Hopetoun Park North.

For further information please refer to the Amendment C81 webpage.