Information on where to find your nearest Standpipe in the Shire. Provision of water from any Standpipe managed by Moorabool Shire Council is for Moorabool residents only.

Urban Standpipes

Council has constructed standpipes for treated and untreated water in Maddingley and untreated water only in Ballan. The standpipes can be accessed with an electronic key which will automatically record the type of water and the number of litres taken.

Ballan Standpipe

Water Type Key Type Deposit Admin Fee Water Price
Untreated Bore Water Pre-paid only $50 $14.00 $3.30/KL


Maddingley Standpipe

Water Type Key Type Deposit Admin Fee Water Price
Treated Town Water Permanent $50.00 $27.00/month used1 $6.80/KL2
Treated Town Water Pre-Paid $50.00 $14.00/key $6.80/KL2
Untreated River Water Permanent $50.00 $27.00/month used1 $3.30/KL2
Untreated River Water Pre-Paid $50.00 $14.00/key $3.30/KL2

1 Service fee only charged if water taken during that month
2 KL = 1000 Litres

All prices quoted are inclusive of GST

Urban Standpipes Locations


Cowie Street, Ballan (in front of the Recreation Reserve) Untreated Bore Water


Grant Street, Maddingley (near Maddingley Park) Treated Town Water and Untreated River Water

Rural Standpipes

All water obtained from any rural standpipe is free and no keys are required.

Rural Standpipes Locations

Balliang East

Geelong-Bacchus Marsh Road (nearest intersection Davis Lane) Untreated Bore Water


Bamganie Rd (near Doyles Road) Untreated Bore Water


Ti Tree Road Untreated Bore Water


Ballan-Greendale Road (near Egans Reserve) Untreated Bore Water


Millbrook-Egerton Road (nearest intersection Donnellans Road) Untreated Bore Water

Obtaining Electronic Keys

If you wish to get a permanent key, you will be required to:

- Complete an application form

- Sign the terms and conditions including a Statutory Declaration

 - Pay a security deposit of $50.

The deposit is fully refundable upon return of the key. The refundable deposit will also apply to pre-paid keys.

Each key will be registered to an individual or organisation who will receive monthly invoices for water taken (if water has been taken during that month).

For Permanent Standpipe Keys, the customer will be invoiced for every month they take water by a company called AVDATA. If customers have any questions about their invoice, AVDATA can be contacted on 1800 020 132 (freecall) or (02) 6262 811.

Keys for the Maddingley Standpipe can be collected from the Darley Shire Office (182 Halletts Way, Darley).  Ballan Standpipe key can be collected from the Ballan Shire Office (15 Stead Street, Ballan).

Operation of Standpipes

The user touches the key to the key recorder on the control panel. If the equipment recognises the key as being valid, the user then presses the 'On' button for the type of water required. When the user has the quantity of water they need they press the 'Off' button.


FAQs - Standpipes

Who is allowed to take water from the standpipe?

Moorabool Shire property owners who do not have access to a reticulated water supply and need water by necessity due to drought.

If your principal place of residence is within an urban area, it will have access to reticulated water. It will not have access to the use of the untreated standpipe water. If you require access to the standpipe water for stock and domestic uses due to drought, you can provide evidence to Council.

A statutory declaration will be required to support an application for the supply of untreated water to urban residents.

How reliable is the water supply?

Urban Standpipes - treated town water is as reliable as the Western Water system - available 99.999% of the time. Untreated river water is dependent upon when Southern Rural Water fills the service basin in conjunction with the weekly deliveries to the Bacchus Marsh irrigators. Untreated water may be unavailable on some days.

Rural Standpipes - the supply is limited and cannot be guaranteed

Are there any restrictions on hours on access to the standpipe?

No.  Access is available 24 hours a day every day of the year.  Lighting is provided for night time use.

Do I need separate keys for treated and untreated water?

Yes. You need separate keys for treated and untreated water.

If I need more than one key, do I have to pay the monthly fee on each key?

Yes. If you need more then one key you need to pay a monthly fee on each key.

Can I get a key that delivers a fixed amount of water?

Yes. Pre-paid keys that deliver 5KL (5000 Litres) are available. The 5KL can be taken over as many visits as the user likes. When the 5KL limit is reached, the key must be returned to the Council.

Can I get a key that delivers more than 5KL?

No. Changing the amount requires reprogramming of the standpipe electronics. 5KL has been selected as the break-point between occasional low-volume users and more regular high-volume users.

If I only use part of the 5KL on a pre-paid key, can I get a refund on the unused portion?

No, the amounts involved are quite small, and it is not worthwhile for the Council to work out the unused portion.

The price of water is quoted per KL (1000L). If I take part of KL, will I be charged for the whole KL.

No. The meters register in multiples for 0.1KL (100L), so billing will also be in multiples of 0.1KL.

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