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A significant number of residents commute outside of the Moorabool Shire for work (Melbourne, Ballarat, Geelong) by train or along the freeway. 


The three largest occupational groups are tradespeople and related workers, clerical, sales and service workers and professionals.

The presence of a significant number of managers and administrators plus the strong presence of professionals provides a positive base for enterprise development, as does the high level of tradespeople and relatedworkers which often operate their own business, particularly as home based operators.

For a detailed summary of Market Characteristics (Population Summary, Age Structure, Education, Birthplace, Qualifications, Income and Housing) based on 2016 Census data see the following link:


According to 2016 Census data Moorabool Shire has 14.1% of residents with a Bachelor Degree or Higher, 23.5% with a Certifiate, and 43.0% of residents with no qualifications.

Income overview

The resident profile indicates 18.3% of the households earned a high income and 18.0% were low income households, compared with 22.9% and 16.7% respectively for Greater Melbourne.

For income details see:

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