Register an accommodation business

What you need to know when registering and setting up an accommodation business

Thinking of starting an accommodation business?

All accommodation premises in Moorabool must be registered with Council.

These include businesses such as:

  • Residential accommodation (including bed and breakfast premises)
  • Hotels and motels
  • Hostels
  • Holiday camps
  • Rooming houses

You may need a building or planning permit before construction, prior to construction please contact Councils Planning or Building departments on 5366 7100.

For information on the fit out and structural requirements we strongly recommend you discuss your plans with the Environmental Health department on 5366 7100.

Submit an application form for plans approval(DOCX, 299KB)

  • We recommend you do this before works start
  • It ensures that the premises meet the relevant standards and saves the risk of having to undertake costly remedial work

In order for Council to assess your plans, we recommend a draftsman (or similar) prepares them

  • Hand-drawn plans will only be accepted if plans are drawn as described above


Register an accommodation business

Before you register your accommodation business have you completed the following:

Have you contacted Council’s Planning and Building department to check if you need a planning or building permit. In the case of a Rooming House, the class of the dwelling is required to be changed from Class 1A to a Class B in accordance with the Building Regulations and Building Code Australia.

Must have your plans approved by Council’s Environmental Health Unit

Inspection completed by an Environmental Health Officer

Please submit the application form to register the premises(PDF, 174KB)  to Council's Environmental Health Unit, once you have received approval from Council. 

If you plan on operating a rooming house, you must also apply for a licence from Consumer Affairs Victoria (if you haven't already done so). 

Our Environmental Health Officers regularly inspect premises to check the relevant legislation and standards.
We can also provide advice in relation to maintaining best practice hygiene.

Transfer an existing prescribed accommodation business

This applies if you are buying, selling or transferring premises.

Request a pre-sale inspection to ensure the business is structurally sound and compliant with the Act and Regulations

Complete the pre-sale inspection application form and submit to Council(PDF, 160KB)

Complete an application for transfer registration form(PDF, 151KB)

  • The purchaser must ensure the premises are compliant

  • The current and the proposed proprietor must complete the form

  • Submit the form with the applicable transfer fee 

Accommodation business registration fees

Accommodation Business Fees  Amount 
Transfer of Registration $225.00
Prescribed Accommodation $425.00
Swimming Pool Registration $200.00
Premises Pre-sale inspection and release of documents (to be completed within 5 days of request)  $357.00
Premises Pre-sale inspection and release of documents (to be completed within 14 days of request) $200.00
Plans Assessment $281.00
Late Payment Fee 50% of registration Fee