During emergencies

Flooded road near creek with road closure sign


What Council does during an emergency

Every emergency is different and requires a different level of support. From assisting those in need from a single incident (a house fire or a car has crashed into a house), to setting up an Emergency Relief Centre when a bushfire is going or a flood or storm is occurring, resulting in townships being evacuated. We have plans in place for most situations to ensure our community are as well looked after as practicable.

Council’s role in an emergency is to coordinate relief and recovery activities in partnership with agencies such as the VCC Emergency Ministries, Red Cross, Department of Families, Fairness and Housing, The Salvation Army and local community organisations.

Municipal Emergency Coordination Centre (MECC)

Once an emergency is identified, Council may activate a Municipal Emergency Coordination Centre (MECC). The MECC is where Council runs emergency management activities and is usually based in the main Council Chambers in Ballan. This could include coordination of tree crews to clear debris and fallen trees, building surveyors and environmental health officers to inspect damaged homes and buildings, resourcing Emergency Relief Centres and, communications with key agencies.

Emergency Relief Centre (ERC)

relief centre.JPG To find out which relief centre is in use during an emergency check the Vic Emergency App, listen to the local radio or contact us. A relief centre is a large community building that serves as the first point of call for community members who are evacuating. 

  • There are several relief centres identified across the Shire, however not all will open in the case of an emergency
  • Relief centres are operated by Council staff
  • The most appropriate location will be determined as emergencies arise
  • Red Cross representatives will be there when you arrive to take your details
  • Depending on requirements there will also be refreshments, first aid, accommodation, and support
  • Centres are in regular contact with emergency services to get the latest information


This is a place where affected community members can come for a range of support including:

  • Community Information (public meetings, newsletters, advertising etc)
  • Emergency Shelter (including at the relief centre or other accommodation)
  • Food and water
  • Psychosocial support
  • Basic material aid (non food items)
  • Reconnecting family and friends
  • Health care and first aid
  • Emergency financial assistance
  • Support for displaced animals

Council Emergency Relief Hotline – 0353 661323

In a large scale emergency, Council will activate their relief hotline to provide information on relief and recovery services.

During the emergency you can reach the Council Emergency Hotline by dialing 03 5366 1323.