Amendment C91 - Moorabool Flood Management

Moorabool Shire prepared Amendment C91 to the Moorabool Planning Scheme at the request of Melbourne Water as the relevant floodplain management authority.

A Planning Panel hearing was held in June 2021, to consider submissions received during the exhibition period.

The Planning Panel’s report(PDF, 876KB)  is now available.

Council considered the Planning Panel’s recommendations on 1 December 2021 and resolved to adopt Amendment C91 and submit the amendment to the Minister for Planning for approval.  The amendment was subsequently approved by the Minister and gazetted into the Moorabool Planning Scheme on 18 March 2022.

The amendment implements the following:

  • The findings of three flood studies
    • Report for Bacchus Marsh Area Floodplain Mapping 2010,
    • Ballan Township Flood Study Final Report 2011,
    • Lower Lerderderg Catchments Flood Mapping Report 2011,
  • The Melbourne Water Planning Investigations Models which prepared flood extent mapping for rural areas not covered by the flood studies
  • The peer review of this body of work commissioned by Council in 2017. 

The amendment documentation and planning scheme maps can be viewed on the Department of Transport and Planning website


LSIO and SBO planning scheme provisions explained

  • The LSIO and SBO are planning scheme provisions that identify land subject to flooding and trigger the need for a planning permit for proposed subdivisions, buildings and works.

    Some permit exemptions are available for minor buildings and works.

  • The LSIO applies to land affected by flooding associated with waterways and open drainage systems in both urban and rural areas. 
  • The SBO applies to land affected by flooding associated with overland flows from the urban stormwater drainage system.


    The purpose of these overlays is to ensure that flood risk is considered at the beginning of the development process.

    This will ensure that new developments:

    • Maintain the free passage and temporary storage of floodwaters
    • Minimise flood damage
    • Are compatible with the flood hazard
    • Will not cause any significant rise in flood level or flow velocity.


All planning permit applications under the LSIO or SBO will be referred to Melbourne Water as a determining referral authority.  Melbourne Water will assess development proposals and provide a referral response (including appropriate permit conditions) to Council.

The LSIO and SBO are based on detailed flood modelling and flood extent mapping undertaken by Melbourne Water.