Amendment C88 - Ballan Strategic Directions

Council prepared Amendment C88 to the Moorabool Planning Scheme. The Amendment is based on the implementation of the Strategy the ‘Ballan Strategic Directions’ (adopted by Council in November 2017, and updated June 2018). The panel hearing was held in May 2019. A copy of the panel report can be downloaded here(PDF, 2MB).

Amendment C88 was adopted at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 2 October 2019.

Amendment C88 sought to:

  • Apply the State Government’s suite of residential zones to residential areas within Ballan as identified by the Ballan Strategic Directions.
  • Provide greater certainty over the level of housing change envisaged across Ballan and ensuring new development is directed to appropriate locations capable of accommodating change.
  • Ensure that new development is consistent with the preferred neighbourhood character objectives for each precinct within Ballan.
  • Recognise the objectives of the Ballan Strategic Directions related to character and sense of place, environment, growth and infill development, the town centre and non-residential uses outside of the town centre.
  • Rezone the Ballan Industrial Estate from the Industrial 2 Zone to the Industrial 1 Zone. The existing Industrial 2 Zone provides for manufacturing industries and storage facilities which require a substantial threshold distance (of 1500m or more) to residential land. This is not appropriate due to the location of nearby existing residential land. The rezoning will not have any impact on the continuation of existing uses.
  • Rezone land at 164 Kerrins Lane (lot 2 on PS 802215) from the Farming Zone (FZ) to the IN1Z.

Amendment C88 documentation and planning maps can be viewed on the Department of Transport and Planning website.

The Ballan Strategic Directions (the basis for Amendment C88) is available below:

Ballan Strategic Directions Part 1(PDF, 15MB)

Ballan Strategic Directions Part 2(PDF, 11MB)