Victorian Planning Authority projects

 The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is a State Government statutory authority that reports to the Minister for Planning. The VPA works with councils and local communities, other government agencies, landowners and developers to plan for strategically important precincts in inner and middle ring Melbourne, the growth areas and regional cities.
The VPA is preparing Precinct Structure Plans for the three precincts. Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) are master plans for whole communities and detail road layouts, shopping centres, schools, parks, housing, employment, connections to transport and generally resolve the complex issues of biodiversity, infrastructure provision and council charges.
The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is the planning authority responsible for overseeing the preparation of the Merrimu, Parwan Station, and Parwan Employment PSPs. Council is working closely with the VPA on the preparation of these PSPs.
Further information can be found on the VPAs website as listed below.