Install solar panels on your roof

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The installation of rooftop solar panels and other roof mounted plant or equipment installed on a building is classified as building work because it involves the alteration of an existing building.

Fixings for the installation may also adversely affect an existing roof structure. Different onsite conditions including roof coverings, roof pitch, type of framing, bracing and wind loads will need to be considered prior to installation.

An assessment of the support structure by a registered structural engineer should be obtained so that all conditions, installation, and fixing methods are considered. The result of this assessment may trigger the requirement for a building permit.

An example situation would be that the proposed installation of rooftop solar panels will require additional framing to the roof structure to support the additional loads due to the rooftop solar panels. In this example, a building permit is required because the rooftop solar panels will adversely affect the structural stability of the building.

The key issue is whether the roof can withstand the additional loads and forces being applied and the first step to determining this (and in turn if a building permit is required) is via an assessment from a registered structural engineer.

For further information please see the attached PDF document provided by the VBA.

(PDF, 254KB)When is a Building Permit Required?(PDF, 254KB)

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