Australian Citizenship Ceremonies

An Australian Citizenship Ceremony will also be held on January 26, 2022. Attending a Citizenship Ceremony is the final step in the journey to become an Australian Citizen.

Australian Citizenship ceremonies

A Citizenship ceremony is the final stage of becoming an Australian citizen. It is an opportunity for us to welcome you to the community.

Ceremonies are held on Australia Day (26 January), in May, and in September.

For questions regarding your application process please contact the Department of Home Affairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next Australian Citizenship Ceremony?

Please email Council for upcoming ceremony dates.

I’ve received a letter from the Department saying I’m eligible to attend a Ceremony. What happens next?

Congratulations! The Department of Home Affairs will contact Council and request dates of their next Ceremony. The Department will advise Council of your details, and Council will, in due course, invite you to attend their next Ceremony.

Am I on the list for the next Ceremony?

The Department of Home Affairs will provide names of people eligible to become citizens to Council. You will have to check with the Department.

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