Wellness and Reablement

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In the context of Commonwealth Home Support Program, implementing a wellness approach is about building on an individual’s strengths, capacity and goals to help them remain independent and to live safely at home. It is meant to be embedded at all levels of the program including assessment, support planning and service delivery and should be applied even when the need for assistance is episodic, fluctuates in intensity or is of an ongoing nature (CHSP program manual pg 20, 2018)



Reablement involved time limited interventions that are targeted towards a person’s specific goal or desired outcome to adapt to some functional loss or regain confidence and capacity to resume activities. Reablement approaches tend to engage clients in a  process of identifying their own strengths and capabilities in the context of setting their own functional goals or targets.

Clients are encouraged to focus on what they can do (safely) and what they value, instead of focussing on things that they cannot do anymore. Supports could include training in a new skill, or actively working to regain or maintain an existing skill, modification to a person’s home environment or having access to equipment or assistive technology (CHSP program Manual , 2018, p22)

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