Are you planning an event in Moorabool Shire?

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Moorabool Shire Council has a responsibility to ensure events held in streets, parks, and gardens are professionally organised and safely managed.

If you are planning an event on public land or roads within Moorabool Shire, you must obtain Council’s permission. Council land includes facilities such as:

  • Council buildings
  • Sporting reserves
  • Open space
  • Roads
  • Car parks

Council must be notified of ALL events held on public land in the municipality. The event organiser is required to complete an Events Application Form for review by Council. Please ensure approval timeframes are adhered to.

As the event organiser, it is your responsibility to ensure that all required permits are obtained from Council and any relevant legislation is complied with.

Event Application Form

A Guide to Holding an Event in Moorabool Shire

Moorabool Shire Council’s Guide to Holding an Event has been designed to assist and support event organisers and community groups holding public events in the municipality.

This Guide provides clarity and direction to support event organisers in the delivery of events ensuring compliance with Council’s requirements. Additionally, it outlines the requirements of regulatory authorities and emergency services and provides useful information to assist you in the planning and delivery of a safe event. It highlights a number of key issues for consideration. This is a guide only and does not cover every single issue that one might encounter.

A Guide to Holding an Event in Moorabool Shire

Events on Private Land

Public or ticketed events held on private land do not require a Council Event Permit, however depending on the nature of the planned activities and the expected attendance at the event, other permits may be required. Read our Guide to Hosting an Event in Moorabool Shire, to understand the requirements of hosting a safe and successful event.

A Planning Permit, Building Permit, Place of Public Entertainment (POPE) Occupancy Permit or Traffic Management Plan may be required. It is the event organisers responsibility to ensure all permits are received. For further clarification, please contact Council’s Tourism and Events Officer. 


Tourism and Events Officer
t: 03 5366 7100

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Friday, 2 November, 2018 - 14:58