Are you planning an event in Moorabool Shire?

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Information for planning a public event in the Shire

If you are planning an event on public Council land (excluding small family gatherings), you must apply for an Event Permit before advertising the event.

Council land includes facilities such as:

  • Council buildings
  • Sporting reserves
  • Open space
  • Roads
  • Car parks

As the event organiser, it is your responsibility to obtain all required permits from Council and to meet all required legislation. 

Your application to hold an event on public land or roads within Moorabool Shire must be submitted to Council according to the below minimum notice period. Event assessment considerations can be viewed in A Guide to holding an event in Moorabool

  • Low Impact (less than 500 people, no road closures, one day event, single location and other considerations) 8 weeks
  • Medium Impact (500-3000 people, road closures, 1 or more days, single or multiple locations and other considerations) 3-6 months
  • High Impact (More than 3000 people, 2 or more days and other considerations) 6-9 months


What constitutes a public event?

  • A public event is an organised public gathering for a common purpose
  • It can be a one-off or on a periodic basis
  • It is open to members of the public
  • It is publicly announced or advertised
  • It may be subject to a specific license, approval(s), or permit(s)


The event organiser must complete an Event Permit Application Form. Please ensure approval timeframes are adhered to which starts from a minimum of 8 weeks (depending on the nature of your event).


Victorian Government Public Events Framework during COVID-19 

The State Government has released a Public Events Framework to help organisers of public events meet COVID-19 obligations and safety requirements.

If you are planning a public event in Victoria, it must be COVIDSafe.


Tiered approach for assessing public events

State Government is now assessing all public events according to their scale, complexity and associated risk factors.

A three-tiered system ensures the appropriate level of public health oversight is applied. Events are classified into three tiers based on the number of attendees and public health risks.


What does this mean for my event?

Along with completing this application for use of a public space, applicants are required to register their event providing all required information to the Victorian State Government.

Please follow these 3 steps:

  1. State Government: Register the event with the Victorian State Government within the minimum notice period
  2. Council: Complete and submit our Event Permit Application Form, Site Plan, and Supporting Documents to Council within our minimum notice period
  3. Approvals: Submit approvals from State Government to Council. The State Government's decision is final. Should it reject the event, the Council event permit will be invalid


A guide to holding an event 

The below guide helps event organisers and community groups. It provides clarity and direction to make your event compliant with local laws. It outlines the requirements of regulatory authorities and emergency services.

A Guide to holding an event in Moorabool


Forms and templates you may need


Information for planning an event on private land

Public or ticketed events held on private land do not require a Council Event Permit. Depending on the nature of the event and its expected attendance, other permits may be required.

Read our Guide to Hosting an Event in Moorabool Shire to understand the requirements of hosting a safe and successful event.

Permits you may need

  • Planning permit
  • Building permit
  • Place of Public Entertainment (POPE) Occupancy permit
  • Traffic Management Plan 

It is the event organiser's responsibility to ensure all permits are received. For further clarification, please contact Council’s Economic Development Officer. 


Accessible and inclusive for all

It is important to ensure event and activities are accessible, inclusive, and welcoming for everyone. Consider those living with a disability, parents with prams, carers, older adults, and culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities.

The above guide provides further information on ensuring your event is accessible and inclusive for all. Events held on public land need to ensure the Accessible Events Checklist is completed and the items implemented. 


Sustainable events trailer

Council has a single-axle trailer available for hire by community groups. The trailer comes with 4 recycling and 4 garbage wheelie bins, plus bin ‘caps’ to encourage recycling and no-litter messages.

This is a free resource, available on a first-in, first-served basis, so book well in advance for popular times throughout the year.

There is also no charge for disposing of the accumulated waste and recycling at Council’s transfer stations.

Find out more and download a copy of the application.


Private family celebrations including birthdays, baby showers and weddings in public parks 

You do not need an event planning permit for a small family celebration. 

Such gatherings in a public park or area include: 

  • Birthdays
  • Babyshowers
  • Wedding ceremonies 

Please keep in mind Council cannot reserve an area in the park for you. Items should not be pegged into the ground as this can cause underground damage.


Council parks and playgrounds

Council looks after Peppertree Park and Moon Reserve among many others. You can read a full list of Council parks here.

If you are interested in Maddingley Park, permission needs to be sought from the Committee of Management.


Need to get in touch?

Economic Development Officer
03 5366 7100

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