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Garbage, Recycling and Greenwaste Kerbside Collections

For updates on kerbside recycling services in the Shire, please visit recycling update

Garbage, Recycling and Greenwaste Kerbside Collections

Compulsory & Non-Compulsory Collection Areas

Compulsory waste collection areas include properties within residential and low-density residential zones, townships and rural living. Residential and low-density residential zones are serviced by a 120 litre weekly garbage collection and a 240 litre fortnightly recycling collection.

Townships, rural living and all other zoned land in compulsory and non-compulsory areas are serviced by a 240 litre fortnightly garbage collection and a 240 litre fortnightly recycling collection. If you live within a non-compulsory area or have an additional service, you are able to opt out at any time, by advising Council in writing.

If you live within an area not serviced by Council collections, you may purchase vouchers for use at Council’s Transfer Stations.

Garbage - Urban Areas

Bacchus Marsh, Darley, Maddingley, Hopetoun Park and Ballan residents are required to have a 120 litre garbage bin with a red lid, which is serviced weekly on your area's designated collection day. If you own residential property in these localities, it's your responsibility to purchase this bin from Council.

Garbage - Rural Areas

Rural residents are required to have a 240 litre garbage bin with a red lid, which will be serviced fortnightly on your area's designated collection day. If you own residential property in a rural locality, it's your responsibility to purchase this bin from Council.

Recycling - Urban and Rural Areas

Council provides a 240 litre recycling bin with a yellow lid, serviced fortnightly on the designated collection day (on the same weekday as garbage). Recycling bins are owned by Council and must be left behind at the vacated property if you move house. We will supply you with a recycling bin at your new house if there isn't one.

Greenwaste - Urban Areas

Council offers an opt-in fortnightly collection service for garden materials in Bacchus Marsh, Darley, Maddingley, Hopetoun Park and Ballan. To subscribe, you will need to purchase a 240 litre bin with a lime green lid from Council. Property owners can opt out of the service at any time, by notifying Council in writing.

Apply for a Service and/or Order a new bin

To apply for a service and/or order a new bin, complete an online Waste Service Application Form. Contact Us to request a paper form by post or alternatively visit one of our Customer Service centres.

Check my Collection Day

New to the area? Check your collection day online.

The 2019 collection calendar Collection Calendar 2019.pdf lets you check when your bins need to be presented kerbside. If you prefer a paper version with a magnet on the back (for your fridge etc.) you can collect one from our Customer Service centres or we are also happy to post one out to you upon request

Missed Bins

Council can arrange for bins to be collected if they have been overlooked during collection, but only if they have been placed out correctly and on time. See On Your Collection Day for tips on presenting your bin.

 Report a Damaged or Missed Bin

Damaged Bins

Council will replace broken lids, pins, wheels and axles on garbage and greenwaste bins, free of charge, on bins that are under five years old. There is no cost for repairs or replacement recycling bins. Repairs or replacements are undertaken on weekdays and you do not need to be at home, as long as your bin is presented on the agreed day.

Report a Damaged or Missed Bin

On Your Collection Day

To ensure that your bin is emptied on the scheduled collection day:

  • Put your bin out after 4pm the day before collection or prior to 6.00am on your designated collection day
  • Place your bins near the kerb or roadside, at least one metre apart and facing the road
  • Avoid putting your bin behind a parked car or too close to overhanging trees/branches
  • Do not overfill or compact the contents of your bins as they may become jammed and not completely empty
  • Place recyclables loose in your recycling bin and do not place recycling in plastic bags
  • Remove your bin from the kerb the same day after it is emptied

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if my bin has been half-emptied?

    Overfilling or compacting materials into the bin generally cause half-emptied bins. The force applied by the truck mechanism during emptying will not remove items that have been compacted into the bin. Loosely separate the remaining materials in the bin and report the half-emptied bin to Council. All half-emptied bin requests are recorded by Council and will not return to properties who repeatedly overfill or compact their bins.

  • Can property owners apply for multiple kerbside services?

    Yes, eligible property owners can apply for a kerbside garbage, recycling and/or greenwaste service. Garbage and greenwaste bins can be purchased through Council and recycling bins are provided at no cost. The service fee for waste services is payable annually through property rates.

  • Does Council's waste collections operate on Public Holidays?

    There are no kerbside collections on Christmas Day, New Years Day or Good Friday. The alternative collection days are advertised online and in local newspapers prior to these days.

    Collection services operate as per normal schedule on all other Public Holidays. 

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