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Infant Immunisation Program Changes - 2016

The infant (6 weeks to 6 years) immunisation sessions that have traditionally been coordinated by Council monthly in Bacchus Marsh and Ballan will no longer be available in 2016.

This service will now be provided free of charge by local medical practitioners. 

Parents can make an appointment at a time that is more suitable and convenient to them when their infant’s vaccination is due.  

Importantly, the proposed changes do not impact on immunisation service levels to our community, rather improve accessibility to these services, which are already currently offered locally by medical practitioners.

For a number of years there has been a steady shift by parents towards local medical providers for this service due to the convenience of being able to make an appointment and see their own doctor or nurse at the clinic 

Council’s Maternal and Child Health (M&CH) service plays a very important role in educating and promoting the importance of immunisation, particularly as a first point of contact with parents, checking schedules and ensuring the child’s immunisations are up to date. 

Council’s Environmental Health Unit will continue to educate, support and promote the importance of immunisation as a preventative disease measure amongst local health professionals (medical practitioners and nurses) to ensure the early childhood vaccination rates remain accessible and above the state average. 

Should you have any concerns or wish to discuss any of the above changes, please contact Council’s Environmental Health Unit 

Secondary School Immunisations

Council coordinates the Secondary School Immunisation Program. Council conducts three immunisation sessions at all secondary schools in Moorabool each year.

An information package with letters and immunisation consent cards is distributed to parent via the schools newsletter or separate mail out. Students must have returned a correctly completed consent card in order to be vaccinated at school. For statistical purposes, all cards must be filled in completely and returned to the school even if the student is not receiving the vaccine.

The recommended vaccines for high school students are as follows:

  • Year 7 students
  • Varilrix - Chicken pox
  • Gardasil - Human Papillomavirus (three-dose course)
  • Boostrix vaccination - Booster offering protection against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough)

These vaccines are not recommended to students who have been previously vaccinated against these diseases. In the case of chickenpox, any person with a reliable history of chickenpox infection is considered immune and does not require the vaccine. Research has shown though that two doses of chickenpox vaccine in children provides increased protection and reduces the risk of chickenpox occurring at a later time.

Should you have any concerns or wish to discuss any of the above changes, please contact Council’s Environmental Health Unit.

Council holds all records of immunisation that we have conducted. If you require a copy of your history please contact Council's Environmental Health Dept.

For more information on Schedule's and vaccine eligibilty please refer to the Department of Health.

For more information on School Immunisations please refer to Department of Health.

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