Planning for Families and Children

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Our Municipal Early Years Plan (MEYP) 2015-2021 is a local area plan that provides a future vision and strategic direction for the municipality in the development, enhancement, coordination and planning of early year’s services and infrastructure for children aged from birth - 12 years, and their families. The MEYP is a Council initiated plan, developed in collaboration with local child and family service providers.

We recognise that investment in the early years is important if its children are to reach their full potential in terms of social, health, educational and economic outcomes later in life. Council has a primary role to ensure that services and infrastructure provided to children and families are well planned and respond in a way that meets the needs of the local Community.  Whilst Council is not a direct provider of all services provided to families and children, it does have a direct role in planning, and influencing the delivery of services to families and children in the Moorabool community.

Children's Plan (PDF, 7.36 MB)

Municipal Early Years Plan 2015 - 2021 (PDF, 16.7 MB)

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