Services for people aged 65+

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Aged Care Worker with a senior man and his assistance dog

If you are aged 65 and over and you want to access services at Council you will need to call My Aged Care for an assessment or a review. You can contact My Aged Care yourself as per below, or you can call the Council office to assist you with accessing My Aged Care. Call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or if you already have a Council service you can call the Council office on 5366 7100.

Our services are designed to:

Increase confidence 

A major element of confidence and independence comes from feeling safe at home. We can help to ensure that your house and environment are free from some of the hazards that worry you. Rails in the bathroom, ramps to the garden and removal of hazardous garden matter. See our home modifications and home maintenance program.

Let us assist you with household chores such as light domestic cleaning, laundry and changing the beds. See our domestic assistance program.

Help you to stay well

Eating healthy meals is important. Our Meals on Wheels program ensures that you have fresh, healthy meals on hand or we can assist you with meal preparation in your home.

Personal care offers dignified support with showering, grooming and dressing and can take some of the stress out of life.

Respite care can also be provided in the home or at a centre to provide a carer or family member with a well deserved break.

Stay Connected 

Staying connected with your community is one of the best reasons to continue to live independently. Our Social Support group offers companionship and a diverse range of activities.

See promotional postcard.

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