Currently, there are only four reasons to leave home in Moorabool: for food and essential supplies; for study or work; for care and healthcare; and for exercise or outdoor recreation.

Windfarms in Moorabool

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Wind Farm

Moorabool Shire Council has three active windfarm permits:


Yaloak Wind Farm (please note this link will take you to a third party site)

Located in the Parwan Valley, 15 kilometres south of Ballan, the Yaloak South Wind Farm commenced construction in late 2016 and completed construction in early 2018.

The project comprises fourteen Senvion MM92 wind turbine generators, rated at 2.05MW each, providing a total installed capacity of 28.7MW with a maximum hub height of 80m and maximum tip height of 126.25m.


Moorabool Wind Farm (please note this link will take you to a third party site)

The Moorabool Wind Farm project is located approximately 4km south of Ballan, approximately 67km from Melbourne, 27km from Ballarat and 47km from Geelong. It will extend 14km north to south between Ballan and Mount Wallace to the west of the C141 (Geelong-Ballan Road).

The Minster for Planning approved the construction and operation of 107 wind turbines. With the use of the latest turbine technology, the project is expected to produce 321MW, approximately 1,000,000 MWh of electricity annually. This is enough renewable energy to power the equivalent of 200,000 average homes every year, representing approximately 9% of Victorian homes.

The project is divided into two sections:

  • The Bungeeltap Section towards the North of the project site
  • The Ballark Section to the south.

The Northern Section consists of 50 turbines and the Southern Section consists of 57 turbines. All turbines proposed are 171m to the tip of the blade.

Construction is expected to commence by mid-2018 and the wind farm is expected to commence operation in late 2019.

Newsletter update from Moorabool Wind Farm NOV 2018

Newsletter update from Moorabool Wind Farm DEC 2018

Newsletter update from Moorabool Wind Farm FEB2019

Newsletter update from Moorabool Wind Farm OCT2019


Lal Lal Wind Farm (please note this link will take you to a third party site)

Lal Lal Wind Farm is approximately 2,100 hectares in area located on land at Elaine and at Yendon, within Moorabool Shire. The two components of the wind farm are located approximately 9 km apart and are 25km and 17km (respectively) southeast of Ballarat.

In 2015, WestWind Energy submitted an application to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to amend the design of the wind farm. The application sought to amend the existing permit to enable the use of new, more efficient wind turbine technology. The use of new technology reduced the number of turbines to 60 with a maximum height of 161m. Construction is proposed to commence shortly and carry through until mid-2019.

Newsletter update from Lal Lal Wind Farm NOV 2018

Turbine Transportation Fact Sheet NOV 2018


wind farm map MAY18.JPG


Complaint/Concern Raising Process

Should any member of the community have any concerns regarding the operation or construction of the windfarms, please lodge your concerns firstly with the relevant windfarm.

You can download a copy of Council's Wind Farm Complaints Handling Policy.

If you wish to raise a complaint with Council, please lodge a written submission on the attached form and submit it to The complaint form asks for the following information:

  • The submitters name, address, contact details
  • The name of the proposed or operating wind farm facility
  • The approximate distance of the nearest turbine to your dwelling
  • The complaint you wish to make about the wind farm facility
  • The basis of the complaint
  • When you first made the complaint about the wind farm to the other party
  • Evidence in support of the complaint, including relevant dates'
  • A summary of any current or previous attempts to resolve the complaint
  • The practical outcomes you are seeking
  • Any other information relevant to your complaint.

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