Wind Farms in Moorabool

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What is a wind farm? 

A wind farm is an area of land which houses wind turbines. These wind turbines capture the naturally occurring power of the wind to generate energy, namely electricity. 

Wind energy is one of Australia’s main sources of renewable energy. In 2018, Victoria had 25 operating wind farms which produced around 9 per cent of the electricity generated in the state.


Wind farms in Moorabool

There are 3 active wind farms located in Moorabool Shire:

Yaloak South Wind Farm

Yaloak South Wind Farm is located in the Parwan Valley, 15 kilometres south of Ballan. Construction commenced in late 2016 and was completed in June 2018.

The project comprises fourteen Senvion MM92 wind turbine generators, rated at 2.05MW each, providing a total installed capacity of 28.7MW with a maximum hub height of 80m and maximum tip height of 126.25m.


Lal Lal Wind Farms 

Lal Lal Wind Farms is a 220-megawatt development built across 2,100 hectares of land in the Moorabool Shire, occupying sites at Yendon and Elaine. Construction was completed in November 2019. 

It comprises of 60 turbines, 161m in height. A 12-month post construction noise monitoring program will begin once the wind farm begins operating at full capacity. Noise concerns or complaints will be investigated during this interim period. 

Please contact Lal Lal Wind Farms on 1800 187 183 or email if you have any questions or comments. 


Moorabool Wind Farm

Moorabool Wind Farm is located between Ballan and Mount Wallace. Construction began in July 2018 the wind farm is expected to commence operation in late 2020. The project will produce up to 312 MW, approximately 1,050,000 MWh of electricity annually.

The development includes a total of 104 turbines at a height of 169m and is divided into two sections, North and South. 

50 wind turbines have been constructed in the Northern Section and 54 turbines are currently under construction in the Southern Section.

Please contact Moorabool Wind Farm on 1800 019 660 or email if you have questions or comments. 




If you have any comments regarding the operation or construction of wind farms, please contact the relevant wind farm in the first instance.

To raise a complaint with Council, please complete our complaint form and submit it to See Council's Wind Farm Complaints Handling Policy.

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