Significant Roadside Vegetation

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Roadsides provide landscape character and act as wildlife corridors that link isolated areas of bushland. Roadsides can provide clues to the type of vegetation that would have grown naturally in the area prior to clearing and are an important source of seed revegetation activities by Landcare and other groups.

Roadsides are used and managed by a variety of people and organisations for all sorts of different purposes. A Roadside Management Plan was developed in 1999 and continues to be implemented in order to identify and maintain our roadsides of conservation significance.

Grazing, slashing, spraying, removing rocks and firewood all can have a negative impact on the native vegetation and habitat values of roadsides. Some of these actions require prior approval. To find out more scroll down to our frequently asked questions.

Please contact us for more information and copies of the Roadside Management Plan (PDF, 676 KB).

FAQs - Actions you can/can’t do on roadsides

  • Who is responsible for roadsides?

    Councils are responsible for most road reserves in their municipality and must make decisions, in consultation with other authorities, on appropriate road management. VicRoads is responsible for the highways and main arterial roads.

  • What can I do to maintain my roadside?

    You can play a role in looking after roadside reserves and the native plants and animals that live there by protecting native vegetation and controlling weeds. Rocks, hollow logs and native vegetation provide habitat for native animals. Try to avoid the temptation to "clean it up". A mown roadside has little conservation or habitat value. Nature isn't "tidy", you can appreciate and enjoy natural environments as they are, rather than attempt to modify them.

  • Can I collect firewood from my roadside?

    Permission from Moorabool Shire is needed for the collection of firewood from roadsides under their management. VicRoads do not currently allow firewood collection on roadsides they manage.

  • Can I treat the weeds on my roadside?

    Before land managers can undertake weed treatment work or other activities along roadsides, approval is required from local councils.

  • Can I move livestock along the road?

    If land managers intend to move livestock along roadsides, prior approval is required from local council. Permanent grazing is prohibited on high and medium conservation sections of road.

  • Can I collect seed from my roadside?

    Prior to collecting native seed on roadsides you are required to get a permit from the Flora and Fauna within the Department of Sustainability and Environment and receive permission from the Moorabool Shire Council, Environment Officer by contacting (03) 5366 7100.

  • Can I plough a firebreak on my roadside?

    No works may be conducted on a roadside without a permit. Removal of sand, soil, gravel or other material by the public is prohibited on all roads.

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