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Moorabool Shire recommends revegetating using indigenous plants. The word 'indigenous' means naturally occurring in an area or environment. Indigenous species are well adapted to the local soil type, climate and other environmental conditions. They provide habitat for native wildlife and birds and can improve the condition of soils and water. Indigenous plants will generally grow will with little assistance, will be most likely to withstand the prevailing conditions of your site, and over time are likely to begin regenerating themselves.

The most suitable indigenous plants are those grown from seed collected fairly locally, or from the local provenance. We encourage landholders and indigenous nurseries to use seed collected from sites in the general area that are similar to the intended planting site. If you wish to collect seed from public land make sure you contact an officer from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning to obtain the necessary collection permit. 

To assist you with your revegetation project you can use Moorabool Shire’s recommended native plant list for your area. If your area is not provided here, please contact council for your appropriate planting list.

Local Indigenous Nurseries

Bacchus Marsh Seedling Farm Pty Ltd
Lot 31 Holts Lane, Bacchus Marsh
Ph: (03) 5367 2324
Grey Box & Grasslands
Newport and Balliang
Ph: (03) 5369 5221
Creswick Nursery
Daylesford Rd, Creswick
Ph: (03) 5345 2502
Meredith Nursery
Ph: (03) 5286 1397

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Wednesday, 8 June, 2016 - 16:08