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Council is currently involved in many projects that protect Moorabool's remnant native vegetation. These include:

  • Roadside management
  • River works
  • Grow West
  • Moorabool Gorge Recovery Project


We also look after environmentally significant reserves throughout the Shire where we carry out ongoing pest plant and animal control and revegetation work.  

Read more about our Council Reserves


Summary of our main projects

River Restoration projects

Since 2002, Council has been repairing waterways along the Werribee and Lerderderg Rivers with help from state and federal Governments. Most of the work is removing weed species such as willows, boxthorn, and peppercorns and replanting indigenous species. This benefits the habitat for native birds and animals and turns off rabbits and foxes. The projects have also developed walking tracks for residents and visitors use and improved the quality of drinking water.


Werribee River Project - Ballan

River restoration works on the Werribee River in Ballan started in mid-2005. It is a joint project between:

  • Moorabool Shire Council 
  • Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games
  • Port Phillip 
  • Westernport Catchment Management Authority
  • Rushing Waters Committee

The project improves the quality of the 4.5 km river environment through the removal of willows and planting of 25,000 indigenous trees.


Two Mountains Koala Trail

The Moorabool Landcare Network and the Lal Lal Catchment Landcare and Upper Williamsons Creek Landcare Groups started the Two Mountains Koala Trail in March 2014. This was to enable easier movement of koalas between Mt Buninyong and Mt Warrenheip.

Contact the Moorabool Landcare Network to find out more.


Rabbit Action Group

The Moorabool Landcare Network formed the Rabbit Action Group in 2013 to address the district-wide problem of rabbit immunity to Calicivirus and Myxomotosis. The Group includes members from Landcare groups, Moorabool Shire Council, Grow West, and DWELP.

The Moorabool Landcare Network has more information about this project.


Grow West

Grow West’s vision is to rejuvenate 10,000 hectares of the upper Werribee catchment, west of Melbourne by connecting large areas of public reserves. These areas include the Brisbane Ranges National Park, Werribee Gorge State Park, and up through to Lerderderg State Park, through a mosaic of restoration works on private property.

Visit the Grow West website to find out more about this project.


Moorabool Gorge Recovery Project

The Moorabool Gorge Recovery Project goal is to protect and improve the Moorabool River Catchment. This is through revegetation, fencing, weed control, and erosion control.

For more information, contact the Moorabool Catchment Landcare Group on 0402 500 580.


Council has an excellent free land management information pack that is available to residents. 

Speak with our Environment Officer to get your pack

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