Strategic Projects

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  • Urban Growth Strategy

    Council, in collaboration with the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA), has prepared the Bacchus Marsh Urban Growth Framework, which is the basis for Amendment C81. The Urban Growth Framework was adopted by Council on 19 September, 2018.

    What is the Urban Growth Framework?

    Everyone appreciates that Bacchus Marsh is a great place to live, work and invest. It is also recognised that the population is growing. Growth needs to be managed in relation to community services, parks, roads and facilities to ensure Bacchus Marsh remains a great place.

    The Urban Growth Framework is a strategic document that will guide growth to 2041 and beyond.  It defines the settlement boundary and nominates potential growth areas at Merrimu, Parwan Station, Hopetoun Park North, based on land capability and growth needs.  It ties growth areas to particular infrastructure delivery and provides objectives and principles for each potential growth area.

    For further information please refer to the Amendment C81 webpage.

  • Housing Bacchus Marsh to 2041

    Council has prepared a housing strategy called Housing Bacchus Marsh to 2041, to address how it will manage growth pressures and preserve important neighbourhood character into the future.

    Bacchus Marsh has been specifically identified in Plan Melbourne and the Central Highlands Regional Growth Plan as a suitable location to accommodate growth. Key reasons for this strategic direction relate to Bacchus Marsh's regional service centre role, its relative accessibility to Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat, its well established town centre and the availability of greenfield and infill development opportunities.

    Housing Bacchus Marsh 2041 is one of several key projects that will be inputs into the preparation of Moorabool 2041.  Moorabool 2041 is a wide ranging strategic initiative that will guide the future growth and development of Moorabool Shire as a whole. Housing Bacchus Marsh to 2041 was adopted by Council at its Ordinary Meeting held on 3 August, 2016.

     The Housing Strategy will be implemented through Planning Scheme Amendment C79, which was submitted to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning for approval on August 6, 2018.

    Housing Bacchus Marsh to 2041

    Annexure 1 – Bacchus Marsh Housing Demand and Supply Background Paper

    Annexure 2 – Precinct Change Area Matrix

    Annexure 3 – Key Statistics for Character Precincts

    Annexure 4 – Neighbourhood Character Brochures

    Annexure 5 – Proposed Residential Zones Case Studies

  • Small Towns and Settlements Strategy

    The Small Towns and Settlements Strategy provides an overarching vision as to how the Shire will manage the future of its small towns and settlements through to 2041.

    Part A - Small Towns and Settlements Strategy

    Part B - Town Assessments

    Part C - Policy Context

  • Ballan Strategic Directions

    Ballan Strategic Directions guides development in Ballan and identifies growth precincts for the town.  Council adopted Ballan Strategic Directions as its Ordinary Meeting on 1 November 2017.

    Ballan Strategic Directions Part 1

    Ballan Strategic Directions Part 2

  • Gordon Structure Plan

    Council has prepared a new Structure Plan for Gordon Township and surrounds.  It sets out a plan to guide and manage the future development of the township and future development of the township and its surrounds. 

    Gordon Structure Plan (PDF, 21.63MB)

  • Retail Strategy 2041

    The Strategy examines the retail sector’s role in the broader Moorabool economy and in optimising the provision of local services and facilities to meet the needs of the residents of Moorabool.


  • Moorabool Shire Economic Development Strategy

    This Strategy identifies the vision, objectives and targets for the future of the economy.  It details the strategies and actions that Council can take to support local growth while also enhancing our lifestyle.

    Moorabool Shire Economic Development Strategy (PDF, 798.74KB)

  • Moorabool Industrial Areas Strategy

    This Strategy reviews and forecasts the supply and demand of industrial land to formulate the strategic direction for industrial precincts in the municipality.

    Moorabool Industrial Areas Strategy (PDF, 8.85MB)

  • Stonehill Development Plan

    The approved Development Plan for Stonehill.  Future subdivisions are required to be generally in accordance with this plan.

    Stonehill Development Plan

  • Underbank Development Plan

    The approved Development Plan for Underbank.  Future subdivisions are required to be generally in accordance with this plan.

    Underbank Development Plan Part 1

    Underbank Development Plan Part 2

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