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Professional Planning Consultants

There are many professional planning consultants who can help you with your planning application. They are also known as town planners. Council is unable to provide a list of consultants.

Geotechnical Engineers

Search for Geotechincal Consultants  (soil tests, septic recommendations, waste water management, etc.). If Council needs you toi complete a Land Capability Assessments, it must be prepared by a qualified Geotechnical Engineer.

Bushfire Management Assessors

Search for Bushfire Consultants (buildings and works in a Bushfire Management Overlay).

Licensed Surveyors

Search for a Licensed Surveyors (subdivision of land, preparation of titles) 

Disclaimer: All consultants listed are independent and Council is not liable for any information they provide to applicants.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Bushfire Management Statement (BMS)?

    A Bushfire Management Statement (BMS) is a written report which identifies what defendable space and construction requirements are required to meet the relevant objectives, standards and mandatory requirements of the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO).

  • What happens to my application if there is public objection?

    Part of Council’s decision is to consider the merits of any community objection to an application. Applicants are informed of any objection and given an opportunity to meet with Officers and the community together. Applications with objections have a report prepared by the Officer for a decision under delegation of Council. Applicants are invited to formally address Councillors on why their application should be approved at a public meeting.

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