The expectations of Council for the soil from West Gate Tunnel are made clear

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Thursday, 9 April, 2020 - 09:15


Moorabool Shire Council is calling on the Victorian Government and Transurban to suspend all discussions on the use of the MBC site at Bacchus Marsh during this difficult time.

Should discussions recommence once the State of Emergency is lifted, Moorabool Shire on behalf of the communities of Bacchus Marsh and surrounds requests that a guarantee be given that six strict conditions are met prior to the finalisation of any decision to store, categorise and dispose of contaminated soil at Bacchus Marsh. These conditions will help protect the democratic right of the citizens of Moorabool to have a say in what happens to their community. 

These conditions are:

  1. All technical reports to be made available to Council, for public scrutiny, comment and for the opportunity for independent peer review.
  2. That there be proper stakeholder and community consultation where stakeholders and the community are provided with all relevant information and given the opportunity to ask questions, seek further information and give their views; not just information sessions.
  3. The existing MBC sites be brought into compliance with current planning requirements.
  4.  Improved relationships with the local community and stakeholders.
  5. Details of how the local community will potentially be impacted or will benefit from the proposal.
  6. All Local Members of Parliament and Council are notified prior to a decision being made.


“During these times where the ability of the community to assemble is restricted it is more important than ever that the needs of those impacted are not washed away to satisfy the needs of big business. The community cannot have any confidence in the decision-making process unless the conditions are met,” Mayor Cr David Edwards said.

“For a project of this size to have undertaken no economic impact assessment is extraordinary. A proper analysis of the benefits and disbenefits of the project should be undertaken before any decision is made and must include an assessment of the millions of dollars likely to be lost to the local economy due largely to reputational damage.

“It has been several months since Council first learnt of this proposal and despite constantly requesting information and seeking input to the process, we still have no information on the technical assessments carried out, or about how the Bacchus Marsh community will potentially be impacted, or benefit from, becoming a dumping ground for tonnes of contaminated soil.”



Cr David Edwards

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Thursday, 9 April, 2020 - 09:25