Currently, there are only four reasons to leave home in Moorabool: for food and essential supplies; for study or work; for care and healthcare; and for exercise or outdoor recreation.

The Compost Revolution has Arrived!

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Thursday, 5 September, 2019 - 14:00
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Do you currently live in Moorabool Shire and are interested in keeping your food scraps out of landfill? We have great news for you ... Council is ready to roll with the revolution!

Around 25% - 40% of the average household's garbage bin contents is food waste, and really, most of that need not be 'waste' at all. So Moorabool Shire Council has partnered with Compost Revolution, a social venture that offers composting products and online education to get you composting or worm farming straight away. You can choose from a brand-new-to-market worm farm (made right here in Australia from recycled plastic), a benchtop bokashi bin or a 220L outdoor composting bin at greatly discounted prices. 


Offers range from 40% to 60% off RRP and include an online tutorial and ongoing support to get you started - and to keep you going! In consultation with Compost Revolution, we've discounted three of the most popular kits for you to choose the one suits your household best. Simply visit our customised page(link is external) to browse through the products and make your selection.


Residents currently living anywhere within Moorabool Shire (address will be required upon purchase). The offer is limited to one item per household, up to the first 150 households to apply.



It all happens with a few simple online clicks. Visit our customised page(link is external) and follow the steps including making payment. Compost bins (these are flat-packed) and bokashi bins need to be collected from the Lerderderg Library in Bacchus Marsh, or the Ballan Council office. As limited stock is stored onsite, be sure to contact Council first to let us know when you’d like to pick up your purchase.

Note that worm farms will be mailed out, to ensure their hardworking inhabitants reach their destination with minimal stress.


There are heaps of enticing products on the Compost Revolution website. What happens if I want to buy products not offered via the subsidised program and/or I'm not a Moorabool Shire resident?

You can still make purchases directly through Compost Revolution's public website(link is external). Discount rates vary depending on the product, and you will need to pay the postage. Simply follow the online steps to purchase your chosen products. You can still buy a product via the Council program as well if you wish.

What if there's a problem with the delivery of my worm farm kit?

Contact Compost Revolution directly for any enquiries or assistance once you've made your purchase.

What if I something goes wrong with my bokashi, compost or worms... or I'm a bit confused about what to put in my system?

Compost Revolution provides an initial tutorial and ongoing assistance. It's important you contact Compost Revolution support staff directly for any enquiries once you've made your purchase. They have the expertise and are there to help!


Council also offers a kerbside greenwaste service to residents in serviced urban areas. This service is for garden clippings and complements the Compost Revolution products in reducing waste-to-landfill. You can check if your property is eligible for a green waste service here.

Council gratefully acknowledges financial support for the Compost Revolution project by the Grampians Central West Waste and Resource Recovery Group(link is external), which also runs composting workshops several times a year.

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