Street works in Gordon to improve look, safety

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Friday, 4 January, 2019 - 12:45
Gordon entrance sign

Streetscape works are about to start in Main St, Gordon, to improve the landscape and safety in the Main St in the vicinity of Russell and Lyndhurst Streets.

The current works that have been budgeted and tendered, and due to start soon include:

  1. Drainage improvements
  2. Removal of 3 small trees and planting of 22 new ones.
  3. 3 new seats along with some low stone walls
  4. 2 new bins with surrounds to replace existing green bins on stands
  5. 2 new bike hoops
  6. New kerb alignment  that replaces existing kerb and decreases amount of paved area
  7. Improved parking
  8. Relocated bus stops
  9. New traffic island at Russell Street intersection
  10. Better pedestrian connectivity including a path to the primary school
  11. Paved and landscaped areas at front of public hall and post office

Contrary to recent reports, no further tree removals or other works have been budgeted for at this stage.

Mayor Cr Paul Tatchell, who attended a meeting with residents this week, said there had been concern and misinformation spread amongst residents about an abundance of trees being removed, and he wanted to assure residents this was not the case.

“The up and coming construction work is centred around the Russell St, Lyndhurst St and Main St intersections. This includes only three small trees to be removed, and the project includes planting 22 new trees within the project limit of works,” Cr Tatchell said.

‘We want to assure residents we have not budgeted for further trees to be removed.”

Prior to work starting, Council will consult with stakeholders, including face-to-face meetings where possible between Council’s internal project manager and affected traders, property owners and tenants.

Progress updates will be provided via various mediums, including noticeboards in town, community newsletter and Council’s Facebook page.

Work is due to start mid February.

PDF map of Gordon plans

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