Services delivered differently

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Friday, 17 April, 2020 - 12:15

It's been ‘business unusual’ for the Child, Youth & Family Services unit, as the team completely redesign and change the ways they engage with our community and continue to find creative online ways to support children, families and young people. It is unusual for the team to be spending so much time behind a screen and while we all are physically distancing from each other, our social connections and how we engage with the community is more important than ever. 

Supported Playgroups are being delivered online, families are meeting with our facilitator through online Teams video meetings from their phone, iPad or computer from home.  Meetings are both one on one and are held in small groups. Support to families through regular online Teams meetings and calls are increasing due to the additional pressure families are experiencing due to self-isolation. Art packs have been sent to family homes to support the online delivery of programs. 

Kindergarten Support & Central Enrolment: As learning moves to online platforms, the team continue to provide support to kindergartens as required. Four-year-old kindergarten applications for 2021 opened in March families are encouraged to enrol online.


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Friday, 17 April, 2020 - 12:18