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Wednesday, 3 October, 2018 - 15:30
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Development of Australia’s premier motoring hub at Fiskville, just south of Ballan, is moving closer to reality with Moorabool Shire Council seeking funds to undertake a business case into the proposal.

The proposed multi-purpose venue would include a sealed circuit for all forms of motorsport, facilities for vehicle and product testing, driver training and research and venues for car and trade shows, swap meetings, concerts, conferences and exhibitions

Supported by industry bodies, the Confederation of Motorsport Australia (CAMS), Drag Racing Australia and Motorcycling Australia, along with adjoining municipalities the City of Ballarat and City of Greater Geelong, Moorabool Shire Council is confident development of the facility will stimulate the local economy through increased tourism and visitation leading to jobs growth.

In calling on the State Government to invest in the business case, Moorabool Mayor Cr Paul Tatchell said the previous CFA Training Facility at Fiskville had provided significant economic benefit to Ballan and it was vital the property be developed in a way that it would again provide such an advantage.

“Development of Fiskville as a motoring hub could well be the key to a healthy economic outlook for Ballan and the rest of the shire,” Cr Tatchell said.

“A business case will prove the worth of the project but it is not something we can do alone.”

The total project cost is expected to fall between $50 and $60 million with the business case to cost up to one per cent of the overall budget – that is $300,000 to $500,000. This would include design and engineering, economic and financial modelling, project management and drafting fees.

Cr Tatchell said the shire simply was not in a position to finance such a project and, while it would certainly provide some funds, called on other beneficiaries to contribute including Regional Development Victoria, Emergency Victoria and Sports and Recreation Victoria.

Industry figures show there are 150,000 motorsport participants across Australia with 4222 people employed in the industry and each participant paying for at least nine nights accommodation each year. 

Cr Tatchell said these figures supported Moorabool’s bid for a business plan and called on the State Government to show a commitment to the municipality by helping finance the project.

“This is one of many plans we have to shore up Moorabool’s economic future. We are prepared to work hard and finance whatever we can but we need government support,” he said.

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