Prepare Your Property for Upcoming Fire Season

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Monday, 12 October, 2020 - 14:00
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The Fire Season is nearly here! It is everyone’s responsibility to prepare for the fire season and maintain their properties during the fire season and all year round.

Council’s Municipal Fire Prevention Officer is commencing inspections from 5 October and these will be ongoing until February 2021. We will issue fire prevention notices to properties that have not been maintained or prepared for the season.

More than 25 properties received infringements of over $1600 each last year. These fines, set by the State Government, will be issued when property owners fail to comply with fire prevention notice conditions.  Residents will also incur costs for clean-up by contractors and administrative costs.

  • Make sure the mower, brush cutter, garden tools, pumps and hoses are all serviced and ready when you need them.
  • Clean out gutters, move garden furniture, wood stacks and rubbish away from your home.
  • Cut the grass, prune shrubs and bushes, rake up leaves and twigs in the garden.
  • Slash fire breaks around paddocks.
  • Put a maintenance program in place so that your property is prepared and maintained all year round.

If you live in metropolitan Melbourne but own a property in Moorabool, you may be able to travel to your property to prepare it for an emergency. The Victorian Government recently announced that travel exemptions to complete this work will be available. Only the property owner as listed in Council's database can apply. Do you need a travel exemption for Moorabool? You must complete this application.


If you need to Burn Off or clean-up garden waste prior to the fire season

If you live in a residential area (and some rural areas) you will require a permit to burn off.  Permits are only issued outside the Declared Fire Danger Period.  A Council officer will require photographs of the material you wish to burn prior to issuing a permit and you will be required to comply with all conditions on the permit once issued.  Contact Moorabool Shire Council on 5366 7100 for further information and an application form. Please allow 10 days for the issue of permits.


Council officers will increase property inspections in the Shire from October 2020 and throughout the Declared Fire Danger Period.  Officers will be checking that properties have been cleared of any fire hazard.  A Fire Prevention Notice will be issued to any property owner whose property is deemed to be a fire hazard.

The property owner must comply with the conditions of the Notice.

Failure to comply with the Fire Prevention Notice will result in the issuing of an infringement or other legal proceedings.  If council is required to carry out the works on the Notice, all costs plus an administrative fee, will be charged back to the property owner.

Who can offer help and advice?

How to prepare your property: visit or contact the CFA on 5329 5500.

Identifying native vegetation and controlling invasive weeds: contact DELWP on 136 186.

List of local slashing contractors.

Prepare an Emergency plan for your home (remember to be Covid-19 Safe)

  • Talk to your family about your plan and remember your pets.
  • Plan how you are going to protect horses and livestock.
  • Plan different ways to leave your area in the event of an emergency.
  • Emergency plan templates are available from the CFA, SES and the Red Cross.
  • Let your neighbours know what you will do in the event of an emergency.
  • Practise your plan with your children.

Stay Informed

  • Learn about your local environment and what risks are in your area.
  • Join a CFA Community Fireguard group.
  • Be a part of your local community and get to know your neighbours.
  • During the fire season check the Fire Danger Rating signs and listen for emergency broadcasts.
  • Visit the CFA and SES websites.


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