Moorabool Council educates residents on electrical safety and transmission lines

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Tuesday, 29 September, 2020 - 17:00


Moorabool Shire Council has announced additional community sessions in its online community education series addressing various aspects of the Western Victoria Transmission Network Project. The aim of the series is to better inform residents on the complexities of the project that is being administered by AusNet Services.


Session 1 “Understanding the Environmental Effects Statement (EES) process” was held last Wednesday 23 September with Jack Krohn from the Department of Environmental, Land, Water and Planning. A copy of the recording is now available online:


Session 2 “Understanding compulsory land acquisition and compensation” will be held next Thursday 8 October with Shaun Whittaker and Tony Rutherford from Mills Oakley Law Firm. This session will inform landowners on the easement acquisition process being commenced by

Ausnet as acquiring authority.


The following instalment which has just been announced, Community Session 3, will feature representatives from Energy Safe Victoria and will be held in 2 parts.


Part 1 - Safety and High Voltage Transmission Lines will take place on Wednesday 21 October and address key topics regarding electrical safety in relation to the proposed Western Victoria Transmission Network Project including:   

•Comparison of transmission and distribution networks 

•Fire risk / potential impact of transmission lines 

•Induced voltage  

•Arc flash risk 


 Part 2 - Farming and High Voltage Transmission Lines will be held on Wednesday 4 November and focus on the rules and restrictions related to agricultural practices near transmission lines including: 

•Easement management – rules and size 

•Agricultural practices under easements – limits and concerns 

•Building under powerlines – restrictions and risks 


Members of the community are encouraged to submit questions in the lead up to the community sessions so that relevant themes can be addressed in each presentation. There will also be the opportunity for live Q&A on the night. 

Visit this website for more information on the sessions:

Certified by the Chief Executive Officer in accordance with Council’s Election (Caretaker) Period Policy.

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Tuesday, 29 September, 2020 - 17:00