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Tuesday, 24 March, 2020 - 14:30

I want to reach out to all in the Moorabool community during these tough, unprecedented times to say I am thinking of you all and to encourage everyone who needs help – whether that be accessing business or income support, mental health support or any other help to seek that help through the right channels. If you are unsure where to go, our website has a link to all the most up to date government and support agency information.

If you are worried about accessing Council services or paying a Council bill or fee, we have provisions in place to help you out. Again, all this information is on our website, or please call or email our customer service department and Council staff can assist you.

We are all in the same boat and we all have family, friends and work mates who will lose their jobs or possibly lives over the coming months. This is a time to look after ourselves, our families, our loved ones, and our communities. If you know of someone struggling, please do what you can to safely lend a hand, do what we do best in regional Victoria help out your mates and call out people who are doing the wrong.

I will continue to provide updates and links to relevant information as this situation progresses. Please abide by social distancing regulations and when in doubt don’t rely on un proven sources for information go to the relevant authorities for the latest accurate information.

Keep Safe.

Cr David Edwards - Mayor

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Tuesday, 24 March, 2020 - 14:38