Meet the winner of this year's Youth Writing Competition

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Friday, 18 December, 2020 - 10:45
Child and Family Health

Victorian Youth Week is an important way to celebrate the achievements of young people and recognise the positive contribution they make to our Community.  After being postponed earlier this year due to coronavirus (COVID-19), Victorian Youth Week 2020 was a special month-long event held from 15 November to 15 December 2020, with all events to take place online. During Youth week the Moorabool Youth Action Group (YAG) held a writing competition for young people with a focus on the positive aspects of young people’s lives during Covid-19.    

The competition encouraged young people to share their individual perspectives and impressions on the ‘new normalcy of the year 2020’. The theme for the writing competition was: What have been some of the positive aspects of your life during Covid-19? 

The competition was open to young people aged 12 to 25 years, with prizes awarded to the winning entries 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Winners are: 

1st Alannah King (see entry below). 

2nd place was Catlin Murray 

3rd place was Kiara Massey. 


The Positives Of COVID-19 by Alannah King 

2020 has been a rough year for all, 

And I bet you cannot wait to leave this long haul. 

But before we all jump into 2021, 

Let us reflect on the moments that were somewhat enjoyable and fun. 


To begin with, school was not a complete drag, 

At least we didn’t have the worries of a school uniform and heavy bag. 

We even got to do math class from our bed, 

And we all made sure that on our lunch breaks we were very fed. 

Wearing pyjamas to school was pretty cool as well, 

Because none of the other students or teachers could even tell. 


Despite the 112 day we spent in lock down, 

It may not have been as difficult as we found  

ways to productively entertain ourselves  

and find many treasures buried deep in our old shelves. 

We were very fortunate to have technology to talk to friends, 

As they helped us navigate through the twists and bends. 

And I’m sure that we all slept in a little late, 

not to mention the overeating that helps gain a bit of weight. 


Overall, Victoria should be of itself and the obstacles we overcame, 

We can now move forward keeping in mind that things won’t be the same. 

We have created a healthier future for ourselves and the people around us, 

Even though this year was a bit of a bust. 

The last few months have been a bit rough, 

But we made it through alive and now we’re even more tough. 

So enjoy the times we can spend face to face, 

And remember, were helping to make Victoria a COVID-free place. 

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