Council's draft Council Plan 2020 Review out for community feedback

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Thursday, 21 May, 2020 - 15:45

On Wednesday 20 May 2020, in accordance with section 125 of the Local Government Act 1989 (the Act), the Council resolved to place the draft Council Plan 2017-2021 (2020 Review) on public exhibition inviting public submissions during a prescribed period of no less than 28 days as required under the Act.

Pursuant to section 223 of the Act the draft Council Plan 2017-2021 (2020 Review) is now available for all residents to review and provide written feedback to Council for consideration.

Written submissions on the draft Council Plan 2017-2021 (2020 Review) are invited until 5.00pm on Tuesday 23 June 2020 and should be addressed to:

The Chief Executive Officer

Council Plan (2020 Review) Submission

Moorabool Shire Council

PO Box 18

Ballan VIC 3342

Or emailed to:

Submissions may also be presented to Council via the Moorabool Have Your Say website at


Council will consider submissions on Wednesday 1 July 2020, at an Ordinary Meeting of Council to be held in the Council Chamber, 15 Stead Street, Ballan* commencing at 6.00 pm.

Any person who wishes to be heard in support of a submission should indicate in the written submission that he or she wishes to be heard. Any person requesting to be heard in support of a submission is entitled to appear before this Special Meeting of Council either personally or by a person acting on their behalf.

Submissions made under section 223 of the Act are not confidential and:

  • will be incorporated in full (including any personal information) into the agenda and minutes of any Council or committee meeting at which the matter is considered; and
  • will be provided on Council’s website as part of any relevant Council or committee agenda and minutes.

Whilst it is appropriate for submitters’ names and addresses to be disclosed to enable transparent decision making, if you have concerns about this, Council can provide you with the option of having your submission remain anonymous.  

* Pending COVID-19 Restrictions

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Thursday, 21 May, 2020 - 15:56