Council first learns of amendment to MBC Environment Management Plan once approved

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Tuesday, 13 October, 2020 - 16:15

Moorabool Shire Council has again learnt about a development in the Maddingley Brown Coal (MBC)/West Gate Tunnel Project process after a decision has already been made.

Council learnt yesterday that the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has modified MBC’s Environment Management Plan that has been put in place to allow MBC to take contaminated soil from the West Gate Tunnel Project site. The modification will allow upgrades to the design of the containment facility.

The EPA also announced yesterday that it had approved an Environment Management Plan for Ravenhall to accept the West Gate Tunnel soil. The site joins MBC and a site in Bulla as candidates to take the soil.

“We’re told this does not mark the final decision of where the contaminated soil will be dumped,” Council CEO Derek Madden said. “But we are still not a part of the planning process and we should be.”

“We still have to wait for the Planning Minister to make a decision and then the project team will have the final say as to where the soil will go. We, as a Council, and our community, have been kept out of the loop throughout the entire process.”

Mr Madden said Council had still not been informed on what works will take place on the Avenue of Honour after the Heritage Advisory Council granted MBC a permit exemption to do roadworks on The Avenue.

“This is another example of us not being told what is happening. Our community has been left in the dark on all elements, which is a real failure of the State Government to our residents.”


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Tuesday, 13 October, 2020 - 16:16