Council Calls for Studies to be Released

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Thursday, 20 February, 2020 - 14:30

Technical impact assessments on a proposal to store, categorise and dispose of contaminated soil at Bacchus Marsh are yet to be made available to Moorabool Shire Council.

Councillors were given a two-hour briefing late yesterday by the owners of the coal mine and landfill site, the Westgate Tunnel Project and Transurban.

Mayor Cr David Edwards thanked all parties for attending.

“Council again asked for technical assessments on environmental, socio-economic, amenity and traffic impacts to be provided, but there was no commitment to do so.

“Council cannot rely on verbal briefings alone. For the sake of transparency, we need to see the nine technical impact assessments and the Human Health and Ecological Health Risk Assessment.

“If what we’re being told is true, then these reports could help to alleviate community concern. It’s in the interests of the proponents to make these reports available.”

Cr Edwards said all parties in attendance agreed that briefing Councillors did not constitute proper community consultation and that the proponents would need to do more to meet community consultation obligations.

Council learnt that the proponents did have a community engagement strategy, but like the impact assessments, it is yet to be made available. 

All parties at the briefing were made aware of the public meeting to be held at the Bacchus Marsh Public Hall on Tuesday 25 February at 7pm.


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