Be prepared for emergencies even out of summer

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Monday, 29 April, 2019 - 11:00
smoke from a fire over hills

Emergencies don’t just come in the shape of fire. Now that the hot weather is over, it’s time to start thinking about other ways that emergencies can impact our lives.


Smoke Alarms

Only working smoke alarms save lives.

Have you checked your smoke alarms yet? 

House fires can, and do, happen year-round.  A properly installed and working smoke alarm can save lives. 

Are you sick of hearing the sound of a nagging smoke alarm? Change your old smoke alarms to a new unit with a lithium battery that has a 10 year lifespan.

New smoke alarms that have a 10 year lifespan ensure families can feel the highest level of security. Working smoke alarms are your best defence against preventable residential fires, especially during the night, when people lose their sense of smell. These new alarms provide the security of knowing you and your family are protected, while also ensuring you’re not interrupted every year with a nagging smoke alarm.

Fire Preparations on properties should occur all year round….

Start preparing your house and property now for the coming season. 

Clear gutters and drains, cut back overhanging vegetation and secure objects that could become dangerous in an emergency.

An all year maintenance program for your vacant block can ensure you are always ready for the season ahead. 

Have heaters serviced and checked.

Storms cause more damage to property in Victoria each year than fire.  Fallen trees, damaged roofs and power blackouts are just as distressing and disruptive as the impact of fire.

Floods can occur at any time of the year and flash flooding can cause landslips and wash roads, bridges and other infrastructure away.


Have you checked that your home insurance is current and up to date?  Many Victorian homes are under insured, leading to challenges when rebuilding and replacing valued possessions. 

Whether you rent or own, you need insurance

Victoria is a great place to live. But now and then, we face storms, floods and bushfires. We know that many Victorians will face these emergencies, as well as house fires, storm damage or water damage to their homes.

If you and your family were affected by an emergency, could you repair, replace or rebuild your most valued possessions?

Now is the time to financially prepare to make sure you and your family are ready if things go wrong.

Insurance gives you peace of mind and helps you bounce back financially if an emergency does affect you. Getting insurance is easy if you follow our four steps:

Insurance image.png

Being prepared for these emergencies and having an emergency plan can assist in minimising the effects and impact on our homes and lives.  There is a wealth of resources available to assist residents in preparing and planning for emergencies.  Follow the links listed below to discover how.

Red Cross:




 Insure It:

Good Shepherd Micro Finance -

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