Bacchus Marsh LATM Stage 3

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Wednesday, 14 August, 2019 - 10:15
Bacchus Marsh
Bacchus Marsh entrance sign

Making Our Roads Safer: Have Your Say

Following the development of Stages 1 and 2 of the Bacchus Marsh Local Area Traffic Management Plan, the Stage 3 study will commence shortly, looking at an area within Darley with the aim of creating safer roads.

Previous Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) studies in Bacchus Marsh have identified key issues such as parking, pedestrian and cyclist safety, speed and irresponsible driving, and traffic volumes. The final plans prioritised a range of treatments which have been referred to Council’s Long Term Capital Improvement Program for implementation over the coming years.

Engineering firm Cardno has been commissioned to review traffic, parking and safety issues within the area and assist with the study. The study area for Stage 3 is outlined below, which takes in the area north of the Western Freeway to Albert Street and is bounded by the Lerderderg River to the east.

BM LATM stage 3 map.png

Council’s General Manager Community Assets and Infrastructure Phil Jeffrey encouraged residents and road users in this area to have their say.

“We achieve the best outcomes if we hear from the people who use these roads the most,” Mr Jeffrey said.

“We received excellent feedback from the community for stages 1 and 2, and we hope to have the same level of engagement for stage 3.

“As we did with the other stages, we are seeking feedback on a range of issues, including traffic speed, increased through traffic, heavy vehicle use, lack of infrastructure such as pedestrian crossings, pedestrian and cyclist safety and parking issues.”

A direct mail out has been sent to those within the study area but Council is also seeking input from those who may not live directly in the precinct but use the roads and wish to provide feedback.

Further information can be obtained, and feedback provided at

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