Application to amend planning permit - 11 Tilleys Rd, Maddingley

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Monday, 18 February, 2019 - 14:15
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The land affected by the application is located at -

Location:                                                            11 Tilleys Road Maddingley Vic 3340

Title Details:                                                      Various


The permit allows:                                             Use and Development of the Land for a Landfill, Production of Soil and Soil Products (including Composting) and Works Associated with those Uses; Use and Development of the Land for the Purpose of Materials Recycling (Metals and Construction and Demolition Waste); and Construction of a Treatment Plant for Leachate Management


Putrescible waste definition –

The following wastes (other than special waste, liquid waste, hazardous waste or restricted solid waste) have been pre-classified by the EPA as ‘general solid waste (putrescible)’:

· household waste that contains putrescible organics

· waste from litter bins collected by or on behalf of local councils

· manure and night soil

· disposable nappies, incontinence pads or sanitary napkins

· food waste

· animal waste

· grit or screenings from sewage treatment systems that have been dewatered so that the grit or screenings do not contain free liquids

· any mixture of the wastes referred to above. In assessing whether waste has been pre-classified as general solid waste (putrescible), the following definitions apply: Animal waste includes dead animals and animal parts and any mixture of dead animals and animal parts. Food waste means waste from the manufacture, preparation, sale or consumption of food but does not include grease-trap waste. Manure includes any mixture of manure and biodegradable animal bedding, such as straw.


The amendment is to include:                          Amend the Wording of Conditions 11 and 21 to enable putrescible waste to be accepted at the site.

The applicant for the permit is -                        Contour Consultants

The application reference number is-               2011 338

You may look at the application and any documents that support the application at the

office of the Responsible Authority:


Moorabool Shire Council, 15 Stead Street, Ballan

182 Halletts Way, Darley

This can be done during office hours and is free of Charge.


Any person who may be affected by the granting of the amendment may object or

make other submissions to the Responsible Authority.


An objection must be sent to the Responsible Authority in writing, include the

reasons for the objection and state how the objector would be affected.

The Responsible Authority will not decide on the application before-  5 March, 2019

If you object, the Responsible Authority will tell you it’s decision.

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Monday, 18 February, 2019 - 14:16