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Ballan Library Upgrade

The infrastructure and service provision of Ballan Library needs to be upgraded to meet the needs of an evergrowing community.

The community of Ballan is actively seeking investment for a new or redeveloped library to meet accessibility, social, literacy and technology requirements. 



Council $1.0M 

State Government  $1.0M

Commonwealth Government $1.0M

Key reasons for this project:

  • Council is unable to offer a full public library service at the current site due to space constraints
  • The small space of the Ballan Library means that Council must hold library events and programs in the public hall, which incurs further financial costs to Council
  • Public libraries are neighbourhood and community hubs that welcome all community members and enable people to meet and exchange ideas and information


  • Currently the Ballan Library has 840 adult members, 38 teenage members, and 92 members under 12 years of age
  • The current floorspace of Ballan Library is 51.5sqm.
    • The recommended floorspace based on the current Ballan population is 217 sqm.
    • With the Ballan population forecast to double by 2041, the ideal floorspace required to provide a quality library service is further increased to 414 sqm.
  • Over the past two years visits to the Ballan Library have increased by 25%
  • Rhyme Time attendance has increased by 25% with an average of 25 families wishing to attend each pre‐school Storytime session

Last Updated:

Wednesday, 24 June, 2020 - 09:40