Advocacy achievements

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Bald Hill 1000+ steps

Council successfully obtained a $500,000 grant from Regional Development Victoria (RDV), under the Government’s Regional Infrastructure Fund for this project.

The project will use the existing walking trail on Bald Hill to create a place for exercise, recreation, as well as art spaces.  

The State Government grant will be used to begin the consultation process which will inform the design of the project, ahead of a potential construction start date of late 2021.

Check out the project.

Halletts Way Southern Extension Project

The 1.4 kilometre Halletts Way/O’Leary Way southern extension was the largest infrastructure project undertaken by Moorabool Shire Council, resulting in a great asset for the community.

The key priority projects as at September, 2015 have been compiled into a comprehensive publication Moorabool Shire Council Key Priority Projects.

BMX track at Moorabool Regional Sports Hub! 

A new BMX track and multipurpose oval at Bacchus Marsh Racecourse and Recreation Reserve allows the local BMX Club to hold events and clubbys. 

BMX track

Darley Park Pavilion 

Council successfully obtained a $2.5 million State Government grant to build a new pavilion at Darley Park. Council lobbied via the Peri-Urban Group of Councils (PUGC) for a number of years to gain access to the Growing Suburbs Fund, which was traditionally used for growing metropolitan Councils.

Check out the project!

artist impression of darley park pavilion

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