Council Plan and Vision

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Council Plan 2017-2021

The Council is committed to setting a strategic direction that will deliver key sustainable outcomes for the community. 

The Council Plan 2017-2021 sits within the Council’s planning framework and identifies the main priorities and expectations for the next four years. The Council Plan has taken into account where the Shire is currently situated in relation to the 2041 journey and what needs to be undertaken in the coming four-year period to remain on track.

On an annual basis the Council Plan will be reviewed to take into account any future developments and direction of Council.

Council Plan 2017-2021 (2019 Review)

Each year through our Annual Report process we will be providing an update on progress and recognise that the community will hold us accountable for outcomes set out in this Plan.

Strategic Framework

The Council’s strategic framework can be shown diagrammatically as follows.

1. Providing Good Governance and Leadership

1A Our Assets and Infrastructure

1B Our People

1C Our Business and Systems

2. Minimising Environmental Impact


3. Stimulating Economic Development


4. Improving Social Outcomes


2A Built Environment


2B Natural Environment

3A Land Use Planning


3B Investment & Employment

4A Health & Wellbeing


4B Community Connectedness and Capacity


Our Vision

Vibrant and resilient communities with unique identities.

Our Purpose

  1. The Moorabool Shire Council exists to co-design local solutions that enable the Moorabool communities to prosper now and into the future. We do this by:
    • Providing good governance and leadership
  2. Minimising environmental impact
  3. Stimulating economic development
  4. Improving social outcomes


Our Values

INTEGRITY                   I say what I mean and always do what’s right.

CREATIVITY                 I consider situations from multiple angles and perspectives.

ACCOUNTABILITY       I have courage to make decisions and take ownership for their outcomes.

RESPECT                      I seek to understand and treat people how I would like to be treated.

EXCELLENCE                I take calculated risks to seek out better ways of doing things.       


These values translate to the acronym I CARE.

I CARE / WE CARE will form the basis of community and organisational communications

and branding for the period of this plan.


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