Currently, there are only four reasons to leave home in Moorabool: for food and essential supplies; for study or work; for care and healthcare; and for exercise or outdoor recreation.

Moorabool Community Infrastructure Framework

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Moorabool Community Infrastructure Framework

The Community Infrastructure Framework defines Council’s policy and approach to the planning and delivery of community infrastructure, which includes:

  • Community facilities – physical infrastructure in the form of buildings, places and spaces through which community services are provided by Council and other providers, and
  • Community services – the programs and other activities provided to the community by council or other organisations. Specifically, services that require physical infrastructure to enable their delivery.


The main purpose of the Framework is to identify the Shire’s priority community needs for facilities and services, now and into the future.


Why is it called a ‘Framework’?

Assessing and prioritising community needs for facilities and services requires more than just a simple plan or strategy. Various data, assessments and tools are needed to examine the supply of community infrastructure, take account of forecast population change, and establish an evidence base to support decision-making. And, as data, community needs and other factors change over time, Council’s community infrastructure planning needs to be responsive to those changes.


To achieve this, a ‘framework’ approach has been taken, comprising various components such as an audit of existing infrastructure, spatial mapping and gap analyses, infrastructure provision standards and targets, and internal council processes for identifying and prioritising projects. There are documents that explain how the Framework operates within Council (i.e. how all the components work together) as well as various reports setting out findings, recommendations and priority infrastructure projects.


Framework components

Documents that describe the purpose of the Framework and how it operates are:


The Policy states that Council will follow the adopted Community Infrastructure Planning Process. The Policy also includes a set of Planning and Design Principles.


The adopted Planning Process provides the methodology describing how the Community Infrastructure Framework operates. It explains how infrastructure projects are identified through an evidence-based approach.


By following the adopted Community Infrastructure Planning Process, Council has identified a list of priority community infrastructure projects, backed by various technical reports that together form a comprehensive evidence base of community needs:


This report is the primary output from the Community Infrastructure Framework. Every recommended project contained in this list is backed by comprehensive evidence of current and future community need. Location-specific extracts from this report are available below:


The Audit report lists all the existing community infrastructure in Moorabool Shire that was included within the Community Infrastructure Needs Analysis, as well as community facilities in neighbouring municipalities.


The Provision Standards report provides the standards and targets used to inform the Community Infrastructure Needs Analysis. These standards provide Council’s requirements relating to the quantity, physical suitability, capacity and utilisation, and travel accessibility of community infrastructure across the Shire.


This report summarises key findings from the various service-specific needs analyses. It also provides interpretation of those findings and related recommendations.


  • Community Infrastructure Needs Analysis – Findings by service or facility type:


A. Multipurpose community rooms and Community venues

B. Libraries

C. 4 year-old kindergarten

D. Long day care

E. Maternal and Child Health

F. Sports grounds (and associated pavilions and clubrooms)

G. Sports courts (and associated clubrooms and shelters)

H. Lawn bowls

I. Swimming pools and aquatic centres

J. Centre-based meals

K. Dementia programs and dementia-suitable facilities

L. Seniors groups and social support groups

M. Playgrounds and play spaces

N. Skate and BMX parks

O. Youth spaces and youth support


These reports provide comprehensive needs analyses for each service or facility type and comprise the main part of the evidence base that has informed the Strategic Community Infrastructure Priorities report.


  • Community Infrastructure Needs Analysis – detailed data:


Quantity Assessment detailed results

Utilisation Assessment detailed results

Travel Accessibility Assessment detailed results (maps part 1)

Travel Accessibility Assessment detailed results (maps part 2)


These reports provide the detailed data that has informed the Community Infrastructure Needs Analyses. Note, detailed data relating to the Suitability Assessment (building asset condition data and fitness for purpose assessments) may be available from Council on request. Please email


For more information please contact the Strategic Planning team.

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