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Whilst COVID-19 restrictions mean our exhibition spaces are temporarily closed, the Lerderderg Library is delighted to host this online exhibition during November.

The Art of Empowerment

This exhibition recognises the expertise that women have in their own lives and the importance of sharing their stories, acknowledging their strengths and celebrating their contributions publicly.

Lost and Found

These pieces depict how there is sometimes very little visible difference between a person that is struggling and barely hanging on to a person that is struggling and thriving despite their struggles. 

Many women are fantastic at wearing a mask, so look closer to see if you can tell the difference.

lost 2.jpgfound.jpg

About the Artist:

Meagan Burge

Meagan is an artist that is constantly learning and experimenting with new and old techniques. Her favourite mediums are mixed media, incorporating a variety of acrylic inks, paints, markers, pencils, collage and pastels.


Men and Women are not always equal when it comes to their rights, responsibilities and opportunities. There should be gender equality in education and work (and maybe in all aspects of life).

They have to have the same pay, the same rewards and the same conditions. If and when gender equality happens, everyone will live happy and there would be more fairness in the world.

untitled 1.jpguntitled 2.jpg

About the Artist:

Mary Kafetzis

Mary Kafetzis was born in Egypt. Mary has lived in Melton for a lot of years. She started to paint when she was very young, she used to do it for a bit but then stopped for a long time. Mary has recently started painting again.

She loves to paint anything and different things - from portraits, nature, the ocean, kids paintings, saints, Jesus and 'Very Mary Abstracts', she doesn't have a favourite style. She loves anything and everything she does.

Dream of Lilac Gold

This painting is a strong representation of women's life. The soft florals present the gentleness, empathy and sensitivity in women.

Bright colours symbolise the unconditional love, hope and love of beauty. The use of gold leaf gives it a statement, a touch of strength and empowerment with the use of glitter.

Dreams of Lilac Gold by Shahana Kiran

About the Artist:

Shahana Kiran

Shahana is a Melbourne based Mixed Media Artist. Her style of art is very contemporary using bright and strong colours and a lot of textures. She takes her inspiration from nature and all colours around her. 

Her painting depicts lift, feelings and depth of emotions.

Arts has always been her passion. She finds Arts the strongest medium of expressing ourselves. She likes experimenting with different mixed mediums, textures, acrylics, resin and inks.

She has held exhibitons across Australia and overseas.

Find Shahana on Social Media: shahanaartstudio (Facebook); shahanaartstudio (Instagram)


This picture represents the hard work of current women, and many women before us that fought for the rights and equality we have now.

Fight by Kelly Kolak

About the Artist:

Kelly Kolak

Kelly is a local artist also passionate about design too. This exhibition is something Kelly is passionate about, as she believes we have come so far for equal rights and will continue to fight for our equality for the years to come.

The Power of Women

Loving nature's generosity quiet fortitude and strength tempered by human vulnerability the ability to show emotions and meet life's challenges.

A willingness to give, share, care wholeheartedly to be supportive be role models lead by example, and empower others!

The power of Women by Karyn Leong

About the Artist:

Karyn Leong

Karyn is a career nurse but lifetime passionate photographer, she has taken the plunge to live her dream, after being awarded an Artist in Residency in Penang in 2018.

Karyn has made the transition, to becoming a photographic artist. "A Social Photographer". She has always been passionate about capturing real life and uses nursing experience to base her work on humanity, frailty, disease, processes, care, love, life.

Karyn uses her images to create awareness of social issues and groundswells of change.

Karyn's focus, major projects and solo exhibitions:

"Still Beautiful" series celebrating mature women

"Hospice" Photography Penang

Aging and supported care Penang

Salvation Army Orphanage Portraits: Singapore

Kids Cancer Unit Photography Penang Hospital

"Caring Matters" Installation Adventist Hospital Penang

"Love Penang"

"Real Life of Penang" Mural

"I am" life books

Find Karyn on Social Media:

Friends for Life

This painting is of nurturing and loving. My own love of nature and animals has always been a part of my life. My rendition shows the trust of the owl for the girl.

Friends for Life by Jacqueline Le Souef

About the Artist:

Jacqueline Le Souef

Jacqueline lives for art. Her painting is a gift having never had a lesson and starting at the tender age of 3 in her grandmothers garden.

Strength in Solitude

A woman's affinity with nature connects her to the true beauty of her inner nature and sustains her on her cosmic journey of the empowered self.

The experience of solitude brings about an intrinsic knowledge that discovering her true self-identity is the key to a heightened intuition about her authenticity and power in the world.

Strength in Solitude by Julie Zapasa

Empowered by Destiny

The ancient wisdom of the feminine resides eternally within every woman, strengthening her spiritual connection to nature and resonating through the wildest landscape.

And this sacred knowledge thus fulfills the legacy of the destiny of womankind, for each unique individual woman, and other seekers of the divine goddess within.

Empowered by Destiny by Julie Zapasa

About the Artist:

Julie Zapasa

Julie Zapasa is an experimental artist constantly deliving within her unconscious mind to seek the truth of the essence of femininity.

She is constantly reaffirmed by the knowledge that all women's potential is ancient and unfathomable and seeks to evoke this in her work.

Through her women in nature landscapes she seeks to evoke a sense to the viewer, of all genders, that the feminine is the key to discovering the inner nature and realising the integrity of the self.

Julie believes that modern society may contrive to commodifty the feminine, but is is no match for the divine power of archetypal women. The inner voice is always the loudest.

The Power Within

This painting depicts the strength and power of the wolf hidden within.

The wolf symbolism reminds us that although we see ourselves as civilised creatures, we are still animals with a deep-seated wild spirit. 

The wolf meaning teaches us about our inner selves. As we learn about ourselves, we discover our hidden power and stamina.

The wolf symbolism is also a reminder that our spirit seeks peace, social standing and acceptance.

The Power Within by Allyson Watts

The Fire Within

This painting depicts the strength of the fire within women, emanating from the heart and empower them.

A flame inside of us points to all the ways that we burn with passion, curiosity, and love.

These are the parts deep within that no one can dull or put out. May we keep the sparks inside of us constantly alight.

The Fire Within by Allyson Watts

Reflecting on Nature

Two women reflecting on the enduring beauty, change, hope and new life of the butterfly.

Reflecting on Nature by Allyson Watts

About the Artist:

Allyson Watts

Allyson is an emerging artist who has thrived during lockdown. This isolation has provided the time to concentrate and explore her art.

Allyson has participated in numerous local exhibitions, and has some of her paintings hanging across Australia and USA.

To be able to showcase these pieces in the Art of Empowerment exhibition has allowed Allyson to truly express the strength hidden inside the female form.

Find Allyson on Social Media: Watts Art - Australia

Shark Whisperer

If you jump sideways in a swimming pool as a shadow captures your attention or your nightmares are gaping shark mouths, as you dangle hopelessly in the open ocean.

Here is your primal fear, now laughable and acknowledged and contained. You are now empowered.

Shark Whisperer by Regina

About the Author:


Regina has a Degree of Fine Art, majoring in painting and printmaking. 

Art and Culture have always inspired Regina's journeys leading to being represented within many diverse spaces and places.

Regina is pleased to be part of this group exhibition, as she knows the power of art and love and how it empowers the makers and their audiences.


This exhibition is proudly supported by Women Making it Happen, Djerriwarrh Health Services and Moorabool Shire Council.


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