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Whilst COVID-19 restrictions mean our exhibition spaces are temporarily closed, the Lerderderg Library is delighted to host this online exhibition during September.

Grow West Biodiversity Photographic Exhibition 2020

Grow West is an ambitious landscape restoration program that works with local communities in the upper Werribee Catchment to create a sustainable future. Grow West's vision is to rejuvenate 10,000 hectares of land by connecting the Brisbane Ranges National Park, Werribee Gorge State Park and Lerderderg State Park through a mosaic of restoration works on private property.

This year’s Grow West Biodiversity Photographic Exhibition goes online to celebrate the beauty and wonder of local environment, showcasing an amazing array of animals and plants of the upper Werribee Catchment.  A big thank you goes out to Moorabool Shire Council and the team at the Lerderderg Library for making this happen.

Biodiversity in the Grow West Area exhibition photographs

Bernie_McRitchie-Echidna[1].jpg Bernie_McRitchie-Fox[1].jpg Bernie_McRitchie-Grow_West[1].jpg Bernie_McRitchie-Ringtail_Possums[1].jpg

Echidna                                        Fox                                                Grow West                                  Ringtail Possums
Bernie McRitchie                        Bernie McRitchie                        Bernie McRitchie                        Bernie McRitchie          

 Bernie_McRitchie-Koala[1].jpg Chris_Lindorff-Tree_Dragon[1].jpg Chris_Lindorff-Chelepteryx_chalepteryx[2].JPG Chris_Lindorff-Circopetes_obtusata[1].JPG

 Koala                                           Tree Dragon                                 Chelepteryx Chalepteryx           Circopetes obtusata 
 Bernie McRitchie                       Chris Lindorff                               Chris Lindorff                              Chris Lindorff              

Bernie_McRitchie-Wedgie_Kangaroo[1].jpg David_Whelan-Male_Peregrine[1].jpg David_Whelan-BSK_Family[1].jpg David_Whelan-Australian_White_Ibis[1].jpg

Wedgie Kangaroo                       Male Peregrine                           BSK Family                                   Australian White Ibis
Bernie McRitchie                        David Whelan                              David Whelan                              David Whelan                  

Bernie_McRitchie-Kingfisher[1].jpg Bernie_McRitchie-Wedge_Tail_Eagle[1].jpg David_Whelan-Nankeen_Kestrel_Female[1].jpg David_Whelan-Barn_Owl[1].jpg David_Whelan-Crimson_Rosellas[1].jpg

Kingfisher                  Wedge Tail Eagle       Nankeen Kestrel       Barn Owl                    Crimson Rosellas 
Bernie McRitchie      Bernie McRitchie       David Whelan            David Whelan            David Whelan 

David_Whelan-Dusky_Woodswallows[1].jpg David_Whelan-Galahs[1].jpg Chris_Lindorff-Amyema_preissii[1].jpg Chris_Lindorff-Caleana_major[1].jpg Chris_Lindorff-Cyanicula_caerulea_var._caerulea[1].JPG

Dusky Woodswallows Galahs                      Amyema preissii       Caleana major         Cyanicula caerulea var. caerulea   
David Whelan            David Whelan            Chris Lindorff            Chris Lindorff           Chris Lindorff   

 ​Chris_Lindorff-Grevillea_steiglitziana[1].jpg Chris_Lindorff-Pultenaea_daphnoides[1].JPG Chris_Lindorff-Stylidium_armeria[1].JPG David_Whelan-Orb_Spider[1].jpg Chris_Lindorff-Beetle_on_P._sp.aff_.revoluta[1].jpg

Grevillea                      Pultenaea                   Stylidium                   Orb Spider                 Beetle on P.sp.aff revoluta
steiglitziana                 daphnoides               armeria                  
Chris Lindorff             Chris Lindorff             Chris Lindorff            David Whelan           Chris Lindorff


About the artists:

This year’s collection features photographs by three talented local photographers; Bernie McRitchie, Chris Lindorff and David Whelan who have been taking photos for many years of the flora and fauna in the local area. Their love of nature is shown through the lens of a camera and how they capture the beauty and wonder of the natural environment in all its splendor.   

Bernie McRitchie Profile Photo.jpg  Chris Lindorff Profile Photo.JPG  David Whelan Profile Photo.jpg

Bernie McRitchie                        Chris Lindorff          David Whelan

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