Waste service application form

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Please note the following before commencing an application:

  • The cost of a service will be added to the Rate and Valuation Notice for your property. A valid credit card is required for the up-front purchase of a new or replacement bin or bin lid (excluding recycling, which are provided free of charge).
  • Property owner consent is required for services to tenanted properties.
  • A recycling service is not available for commercial properties. Please contact Council in relation to commercial garbage collections.
  • Before proceeding any further, if a payment is needed, a valid credit card will be required to be able to finalise this online application.
  • A green waste service is only available for Residential and Low Density Residential zoned properties.
  • Once your application for garbage or recycling has been processed, please allow 14 days for the delivery of your bin or bin lid. Please note that the initial delivery of all green waste bins will occur in December, in preparation for the service to commence in January.
  • This Personal Information is held by Council in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014.
Contact Details
Pick Up Address
Tenanted Property

For a new Waste Service property owner/s approval is required if property is tenanted.

Please check which bin size applies to your property by checking the Collection Date for your address. I require a:
I require a:
Please confirm your collection address. Start typing your address in the ‘Address’ box below and select your property from the list. If your address does not appear in the list please contact us to confirm your eligibility to receive this service. I require a:

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